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Reduce carbon emissions by every citizen receiving incentives to own and use bikes.

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Created Light on the World Spotlights

[image for World Spotlight Diana1.jpg]

A Tribute to Diana

Sean Whitaker
For One World Blue. Diana had it right.....

Votes1 DateFeb 14, 2018

[image for World Spotlight beatles1.jpg]

You Say You Want a Revolution

Sean Whitaker
Well you know we all want to change the world.....

Votes2 DateAug 12, 2017

[image for World Spotlight john1.jpg]

John Mayer Waiting on the World to Change

Sean Whitaker
One World Blue This IS YOUR SONG!!!

Votes7 DateJul 26, 2017

[image for World Spotlight johnny1.jpg]

Johnny Manuel

Sean Whitaker
Johnny Manuel is from Flint, Michigan. After covering a Run-D.M.C. song, he was signed to a record contract at the age of fourteen under the nickname Lil' Johnny. He was thrilled to be recording in studios and going on tour with famous artists. A couple of years later, however, he was dropped. As a 17-year-old, he locked himself into a room, depressed. He started working jobs in retail and other common jobs. He now hopes to return to the spotlight for a second chance while he presents himself and his music to the world.

Votes1 DateJul 4, 2017

[image for World Spotlight agt2.jpg]

Christian Guardino

Sean Whitaker
Christian Guardino shocked the judges with his powerful voice on America’s Got Talent and he earned the golden buzzer for his amazing audition!
The 16-year-old singer was blind for most of his life before a gene therapy was able to restore his vision.
Christian performed the classic song “Who’s Loving You” and brought the judges and the audience to their feet!

Votes1 DateJul 4, 2017

[image for World Spotlight el2.jpg]

Sir Elton John

Sean Whitaker
One I feel deserves mention for his life long gift of entertainment
Sir Elton John marked his 70th birthday in suitably spectacular style, but being a legendary, knighted musician hasn’t made the star forget his roots.
The singer brought in his 70th with a celebrity-packed party at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles on Saturday night (March 25), but took time to thank the people of England for keeping him grounded over the years.
Speaking to Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Sir Elton said: ‘The knighthood gives me f**k all. They are so enamoured over here in America but the English don’t care, nothing is sacred in England.
‘I like the irreverence over there. I like the fact you will always be shot down if you get too big for your boots.
‘EIvis and Michael Jackson would never have survived in England. The press get you down but I would rather have that than the adulation and the bubble [in America],’ he added.
He also wasn’t too distraught by his new age, saying: ‘Seventy sounds so archaic, doesn’t it?
‘When I was growing up, 70 sounded like the end of the world. But things have changed. You’re only as old as you feel inside.’

Votes1 DateJun 25, 2017

[image for World Spotlight Windstar.jpg]

Windstar Foundation

Sean Whitaker
Dedicated to the memory of the Windstar Foundation
John Denver had a dream from the time he was a young boy. He spent a lot of time outside, by himself, finding inspiration from nature. A place as simple as a tall cottonwood tree, in which he could nestle himself in the high branches, provided sanctuary and perspective. Perched in the arms of such a tall tree, he thought about finding a place where people could gather from all over the world-to be nourished and inspired, to learn and to connect with his first and best teacher, the Earth itself. Many years later, at a time when he was the No. 1 recording artist in the world, he had the opportunity to bring that dream to life. He bought nearly 1000 acres of land near Old Snowmass, Colorado. He gave that special land to the Windstar Foundation. It became what John was seeking. John had a deep desire for the Windstar Land to be conserved and protected in perpetuity. It was a great source of peace to him to know this dream of his too had come true with the creation of the Windstar Land Conservancy and the signing of the conservation easement that safeguards the Windstar Land from developement. John saw the Windstar Land as a symbol of the importance of the wild places throughout the Earth. He hoped that other landowners would be inspired by the actions taken by the Boards of the Rocky Mountain Institute, Windstar Foundation and the National Wildlife Federation that enabled the creation of the Windstar Land Conservancy-and that many others would provide conservation protection for the open space lands in their care.
25 September 2012
Dear Friends and Supporters of The Windstar Foundation,
It is with mixed emotions that we bring you the following somewhat sad as well as exciting news for the future.
As many of you know The Windstar Foundation was once a thriving vision of the future, so far
ahead of its time, so very long ago. We like to refer to those days as the Camelot days of Windstar, with John Denver and Tom Crum, so full of promise and hope within their hearts and minds, dreams and visions of a world that worked. Their magnetic love and friendship drew thinkers, dreamers and lovers, lovers of this world, lovers of mankind and lovers of the land. They drew scientists like Bucky Fuller and Amory Lovins, they drew politicians and celebrities and they drew you and me.
The heart of The Windstar Foundation was to be about collaboration, about peace, about you and me creating a brotherhood and a sisterhood of stewardship and friendship, creating a global family of connectedness. Realizing the beauty within each other, seen and unseen, just in the knowing that we were family.
This October the 12th marks the fifteenth anniversary of John’s final sunset. The quality and care that John’s love radiated to us whilst he was here, still infuses many of us with purpose today. As we remember John, we remember his driving passions for the environment, human rights, peace, ending world hunger, teaching stewardship and brotherhood.
John had a deep desire for the Windstar Land to be conserved and protected in perpetuity. It was a great source of peace to him to know this dream had come true with the creation of the Windstar Land Conservancy (WLC) and the signing of the conservation easement that safeguards the Windstar Land from development. We discovered within the past few months during conversations with Joe Henry and Tom Crum that John’s intention as far back as 1996 was to close The Windstar Foundation and merge its purpose with the WLC.
With sadness we realized that keeping the Windstar Foundation alive was our perspective of what John would have wanted and not his true intention. As the life force of the Foundation faded away, so did financial support from many of our supporters and friends. We found ourselves standing alone, trying to survive spiritually and financially, wondering what we could do to bring the spirit back.
So we looked around, opened our eyes and opened our hearts and then we realized: WE ARE THE WINDSTAR LAND CONSERVANCY! The WLC is made up of representatives from the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and the Windstar Foundation. Within the WLC we have a shared goal of a sustainable future, a faith in human ingenuity, common sense and a global perspective. John formed the partnership between The Windstar Foundation and RMI, because he had the presence of mind to see that our styles and strengths were complimentary.
Three years ago The Windstar Foundation formed a partnership with A.S.P.E.N. Tree who began sponsoring the Windstar Earth Camps through their Foundation. A year ago we discovered that the Aspen Valley Medical Foundation has been sponsoring a 100 plus homeless and hungry individuals and is planning to build a homeless shelter with transitional housing in near future.
After careful consideration our Board of Trustees voted on Saturday the 22nd September 2012, to close The Windstar Foundation. We will transfer our assets to the WLC Foundation and from this base we will align our energies with RMI, A.S.P.E.N. Tree and the Aspen Homeless Shelter. Three remaining Board members will oversee this transition. It is our Board of Trustees belief that it is time to set The Windstar Foundation’s Spirit free and to finally fulfill John’s wishes. This is not the end of Windstar, simply a change of direction. The Windstar name will live on through the Windstar Land Conservancy and through the organizations that it partners with.
We would like to thank all of you who have supported The Windstar Foundation through the good times and down times. We will be setting up a Windstar Land Conservancy Website to keep you up to date as things develop. We would also like to invite you all to a special sunset service on the Windstar land on October 12t.h (please arrive by 6pm as sunset is at 6:19pm).
Please know that this was a decision of the heart and the “Living” Windstar lives on in our hearts and in the choices we all continue to make.
Peace, love and every blessing
Karmen Doplsaff President
Allison Smith Vice President
JoLynn Long Treasurer
“Significant contributions carry their own merit. They need not to depend on a name, a place, or an entity. People, as individuals
and as groups, are making a conscious commitment to taking responsible action in creating a more vital and enlightened world. May the spirit of Windstar flow freely through each of us daily, cleansing us of our counterproductive stories, releasing our judgments and carrying us forward to light the way for others.”
Tom Crum
A heritage of vision was given to us all
To smell the rose’s fragrance
To hear the songbirds’s call
To watch the distant moonlight fill
The coming of the tides
To understand that life is more
Than always choosing sides.
Joe Henry

Votes1 DateJun 15, 2017

[image for World Spotlight jd.jpg]

Tribute to John Denver

Sean Whitaker
John Denver has had a tremendous impact on my life. He taught me what it is to care about the environment. He is truly missed.....
Excerpted from:
No entertainer has had the impact on ecology and the environment as has New Mexico-born John Denver.
By the early 1970’s Denver’s music began showing a more ecological feeling. He wrote and recorded “Rocky Mountain Suite” in 1972. One of it’s memorable lines, “The life in the mountains is living in danger, with too many people, too many machines,” succinctly summed up one of the main themes of the environmental movement.
Denver continued to search for other ways to express himself. In 1972 he was already thinking “Love the earth as you would love yourself.” He had been attracted to the ideas of the 1960s flower children, especially the idea of loving one another.
Becoming more and more influenced by environmental concerns, Denver became an expert on birds of prey, which led to his writing the song “The Eagle and the Hawk” (1971). On a road trip, Denver and his friends got into a discussion on the threat of nuclear power. This led to the creation of the Windstar Foundation, an institution that combined school, meeting place, and model environment.
Denver’s work with Japanese aikido led him to reexamine his knowledge of nutrition and nutrition questions led to questions about hunger, especially world hunger. Becoming involved in the Hunger Project, he wrote the song “I Want to Live” (1977), which became the group’s anthem. During this time, Windstar continued to grow and evolve.
In 1979 Denver became interested in Alaska and the idea of people working and living with the environment, not against it. With the Alaska pipeline being built, Alaska was being used to meet the energy needs of the rest of the country, a concept that Denver opposed. He firmly believed that we needed the wilderness more than it needed us. This was during a time when environmentalism was considered a dirty word in Washington.
According to Denver’s wishes, Windstar was to be a demonstration of what we know technologically and scientifically that is in harmony with nature. He looked to renewable forms of energy like wind and sun, not nuclear power.
A strong proponent of solar power, this was his influence in writing “Sunshine on My Shoulders” (1971). In 1976 he bought a thousand acres of land in Snowmass, Colorado, for Windstar. Here people would come to learn about the environment and it’s connections between mind, body and spirit.

Votes4 DateJun 11, 2017

[image for World Spotlight MandyH.jpg]

Mandy Harvey

Sean Whitaker
Mandy's story and music is one that all should know about and be inspired
Thank you Mandy
Sean W
Mandy Harvey is an award winning singer, songwriter and motivational speaker who just happens to have an invisible disability.
A Vocal Music Education major at Colorado State University, Mandy lost her residual hearing in 2006-2007 at age eighteen due to a connective tissue disorder that effected her nerves and left the program. She pursued several career options, including education, but returned to music in 2008, her true passion could no longer be denied. She quickly became a regular performer at various venues and has released three albums thus far. Though her hearing loss is profound, her timing and pitch are perfect and her passion is tremendous. With support from friends, family and her faith, Mandy continues to find joy in music.
In 2011, Mandy won VSA’s Top Young Soloist Award and lived a personal dream of performing at the Kennedy Center in DC. She continues to perform around the United States and has been recently featured on NBC Nights News, Canada AM, The Steve Harvey Show, and the Los Angeles Times. In addition to performing and speaking, Mandy has become an ambassador to both No Barriers USA and Invisible Disabilities Association with a mission to encourage, inspire and assist others to break through their personal barriers.

Votes2 DateJun 6, 2017

[image for World Spotlight Bob m.jpg]

Bob Marley

Sean Whitaker
My life growing up would not have been the same without Marley
Here is some brief info and some videos, enjoy!!
Nesta Robert Marley, more widely and commonly known as Bob Marley, was a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician born on February 6, 1945. He was the rhythm guitarist and lead singer for the ska, rocksteady and reggae bands The Wailers and Bob Marley & The Wailers.
Bob Marley had a number of children: three with his wife Rita, two adopted from Rita’s previous relationships, and several others with different women. The Bob Marley official website acknowledges eleven children.
• Sharon, born 23 November 1964, daughter of Rita from a previous relationship but then adopted by Marley after his marriage with Rita
• Cedella born 23 August 1967, to Rita
• David “Ziggy”, born 17 October 1968, to Rita
• Stephen, born 20 April 1972, to Rita
•Robert “Robbie”, born 16 May 1972, to Pat Williams
• Rohan, born 19 May 1972, to Janet Hunt
•Karen, born 1973 to Janet Bowen
•Stephanie, born 17 August 1974; according to Cedella Booker she was the daughter of Rita and a man called Ital with whom Rita had an affair; nonetheless she was acknowledged as Bob’s daughter
• Julian, born 4 June 1975, to Lucy Pounder
• Ky-Mani, born 26 February 1976, to Anita Belnavis
• Damian, born 21 July 1978, to Cindy Breakspeare
He died on May 11, 1981.
Retrieved from:

Votes1 DateMay 25, 2017

[image for World Spotlight jerry.jpg]

Jerry Garcia

Sean Whitaker
I say the Music Never Stopped!!
Thank you Jerry for all you gave
Excerpted from "So Many Roads: The Life and Times of the Grateful Dead"
Three songs into the show, the house lights still on, the time had come for “Dire Wolf,” but with a perverse twist no one had anticipated. Twenty-five years had passed since the Dead had recorded that song at Pacific High studio. They’d played it innumerable times since, occasionally slowing it down a half step. But tonight, in the middle of Indiana, they again injected it with the crisp, merry gait of the recorded version, and even the song’s refrain harked back to its original impending-death inspiration. “Please, don’t murder me,” Jerry Garcia sang again, now in a voice weathered by age and abuse, as cops pivoted their heads, hoping to catch sight of the man who’d vowed to kill Garcia before the night was over.
Along with the likes of Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Wisconsin, the Deer Creek Music Center had become a destination spot, a revered haven, for the Dead and their fans alike. Springing up amid cornfields and cow pastures a half-hour north of Indianapolis, the amphitheater was, like the band, an enclave unto itself. Out there the straight world never felt so distant. Although the Dead had played Deer Creek six times before without major incident, tonight began on a sour note. On their way from their hotel (north of Indianapolis) to the venue word filtered down to band and its management: a death threat had been called in to Deer Creek. Similar calls and warnings had arrived before, but this one felt creepier. An anonymous person had called local police claiming to have overheard the distraught father of a young female Deadhead. The information was unclear, but the implication was that the girl couldn’t be found and had run off on the road with them, and that the father was planning to attend the show and shoot Garcia.
Huddling backstage with the head of security, the band grappled with what to do. Verifying the threat was difficult, but Phil Lesh, the most immediately concerned because his family was there, made the case for canceling the show and heading out. “I was not going to stand up there and be a target,” he recalls. But Garcia brushed it off, saying he’d dealt with crazies before and wouldn’t let this one stop him. “Would you sacrifice yourself for the music?” Mickey Hart recalls of that night. “All those things run around in your brain. But I remember joking, ‘Jerry, could you move over six inches onstage? At least I’ll make it!’ We were screaming laughing. The decision was made and everyone came around. We were worried, of course, but we didn’t want some lunatic to shut us down.” Indiana state police made their way into the crowd and the stage pit; there they were joined by other Dead employees, including publicist Dennis McNally and Steve Marcus of Grateful Dead Ticket Sales, all nervously glancing around for . . . something. No one knew what the supposed shooter looked or dressed like, and no one even knew for sure whether the threat was real. But they weren’t about to take any chances.
Ironically, the show opened with “Here Comes Sunshine,” the twinkling kaleidoscope of a song that was dropped from the repertoire after 1974 but had returned starting in 1992. At one point in the show a piece of electronics gear began misbehaving, and keyboard technician Bob Bralove, who usually stood behind the keyboards or drum riser, was forced to walk to the front of the stage to fix it. He’d performed the task dozens if not hundreds of times before, but never before had he felt as if a bull’s eye was plastered on his chest. “You could feel it,” he says. “This was normally the place that was always safe and you felt the love from the audience. But all of a sudden I’m realizing I’m standing next to the guy they said they wanted to kill. It was very, very intense.” After tending to the repair Bralove quickly retreated back to the darkened part of the stage.
For years they’d defied the odds; so many times they’d been written off creatively, physically, or economically, only to return, sometimes as vital as before. But the last few months had made even those closest and most loyal to the Dead wonder whether they, Garcia especially, would be able to pull back from the darkness. During a set break Garcia called his loyal driver, Leon Day. “I had a threat on my life,” he told him. Day joked back: “I got your back—you got mine?”
See rest of story here:

Votes4 DateMay 6, 2017

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