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This World Spotlight was created on Oct 19, 2015 @ 11:05:18 pm

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Excellent post, and the connection and space need for good communication, whether musically or in speaking with one another, is vitally important. Thank you for your beautiful words as always.

Nov 13, 2015 @ 08:18am

You always write so beautifully and express yourself in such a way that I have to pause, take a look inside of myself to be more mindful of my communication and connection with people. Music is truly a cooperative effort, allowing everyone to have their space and their time to shine, but then coming together harmoniously. I'm very impressed and thank you for always posting such insightful and deep writings.

Oct 20, 2015 @ 09:00am

Great post Gedalia! Your words ring so true. What space there could be if all people in the world could learn to improvise with one another and get on that same page. Awesome words of insight and wisdom you have offered. And by what better means than Music which is the universal language. May all people worldwide be able to come together on this beautiful platform of Blupela which our team has worked so hard to create and get on the same page with one another especially with a medium such as the universal language of Music!

Oct 20, 2015 @ 04:56am

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Music Communication via Musical Improvisation


I've been thinking a good bit over the years about what i've learned, to this point, about communication through improvising with others musically. To be truthful, this does not only exist in improvisation focused music. but as well within orchestras, and symphonies playing highly arranged and structured music. In other words anything I will say here regarding improvising can be applied in it's own way to heavily orchestrated music and what it takes to be part of an orchestra, symphony, or what have you....

When it really works, that is improvising with others , it works because there is a collective sense that you are all there to be space makers. You're all looking out for each other, looking for each other's voices to be incorporated into the sound. So there is a willingness to forgo an idea of your own, in order to join onto and enhance the idea of another; you become given over to the music and you appreciate the role you "fell" into.

It really is about connecting, and a good verbal conversation is about connecting as well. Often we call it "being on the same page," and there are so many other metophorical terms for it. When there is a genuine striving to understand another to the best of one's ability there is a great joy when you actually get there

So to when playing music with others, there is nothing like creating something with a group of people, all making a compromise, all striving to listen and include each other in the process.

Below are some great videos of wonderful improvisers and group dynamics, hope you enjoy the music! Much Bobby Mcferrin in this mix, what a beautiful improviser and person!

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