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So why the name Blupela? Actually it is just a cool name we came up with. But it also means Blue Bird of Paradise in Papua New Guinea. It is a bird that is endangered and protected and it serves thus to show you our values here at One World Blue, LLC. Blupela is the brand name and One World Blue is the corporation. We work for good things in and around the world. Protecting the environment is one thing we believe in.

So why One World Blue? Well what do you see when looking from the moon at the Earth? Does that answer your question? Originally founded in 2005, One World Blue, LLC, has been building something online that is different from all the rest because we care and we are bringing goodness to the Earth with the quality projects you will see on our network.

Blupela is the Social Network for Social Change of The One World Blue Good Network. We are a revolutionary crowdfunding platform with an integrated social network that promotes initiatives for changing and healing the world one good deed at a time. We also serve as a global, moderated forum to promote the sharing of ideas related to peace in our world, the betterment of our planet and its ecosystems, and the celebration and appreciation of cultural diversity.

One World Blue intends to become the go to destination for anyone wanting to do good online and in the marketplace. Blupela.com is a site where users can put their Good Initiatives online and accept funding, time, and goods as well as allow people the ability to communicate and chat about the initiatives and projects.

One World Blue is committed to social harmony, the support and education of wholesome and healthy ecosystems, protection of wildlife and the Earth's resources, and the appreciation of diversity. One World Blue believes in equality for all human beings and we may be branded The One World Blue Good Network, Social Network for Social Change.

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