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This World Spotlight was created on Jul 19, 2015 @ 12:41:46 pm

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Teachers Dr. Bishop Reginald Kelly


It is with great honor that I bring you the spotlight of my teacher, advisor and friend, Dr. Bishop Reginald Kelly. Dr. Kelly was one of my closest advisors for nearly 20 years and has been a big inspiration and hope in how this network of One World Blue has come to pass. I hope you enjoy this spotlight and may it be an inspiration to you as well.

Dr. Bishop Reginald Kelly (November 26, 1952 - July 7, 2012)

Dr. Reginald Kelly was an inspiration, teacher, advisor, leader, visionary, and advocate for myriads of individuals who walked through his doors. His organization The Open Door program serviced the needs of the homeless and less fortunate throughout Greensboro, NC and region. He was an advocate for many who needed assistance and he was a leader, teacher, and consoler who gave guidance and advice to his community, family and friends.
Bishop Kelly was certainly the patriarch for his family as well as the countless followers he served. Bishop's words of inspiration and hope gave encouragement at the most needed times for all those who looked to him for advice. He served his community faithfully and selflessly and gave all of his strength to his community and greater regions both nationwide and worldwide.

Dr. Kelly was an active leader in the civil rights movement and contemporaries with Dr. Martin Luther King and many dignified leaders throughout these past decades of social change. The late Dr. Maya Angelou was also a mentor for Dr. Kelly and I personally had the honor to meet her on several occasions thru him.

Bishop believed in the work I was doing with One World Blue for many many years. He believed in our vision and not only encouraged me and advised me in my steps but was there at all times of hardship in my life to be a comforting and consoling force with a steadfast conviction and belief that we were on a righteous path that would one day lead to positive change in the world. He declared and knew that our Creator would always watch over our work and have it come to pass culminating in the birth and flourishment of the network that we now have.

Shortly before his passing, I had asked Bishop if he would be the Chairman of the Board and he agreed to accept it with honor. Unfortunately for us Bishop left us and went on to his eternal rest. He is missed very dearly but I know his spirit is still very much with not only me but our network. He has given his blessing and it will come to pass that all nations of the world will know what One World Blue is doing. And in fact, I declare that Bishop is still chairman of the board but in the place that matters most and brings the greatest impact to our world.

Blessings to Bishop's sister, Cynthia, his mother and family, Joe Brown and Christopher McLaughlin, and all those who Bishop counseled and served.


Dr. Kelly's accomplishments include:
Doctorate, United Christian College, Humane Letters In Education,Founder of The King's Corner Church Of Deliverance, The Open Door Program, Inc. Interpreted scriptures for braodway play, for renowned choreographer George Faison, NYC. Worked with Poet Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, the late Yolanda King, Nick Ashford and Val Simpson
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