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This World Spotlight was created on Jan 21, 2017 @ 10:28:41 pm

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Rights Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 2nd post


By Gedaliah Aronson

There is a difference between standing up with dignity and being proud of who you are (and most especially when your people are in a situation of relentless subjugation)..... and being racist. Race is first and foremost a social construct; however because the construct has been used so viciously and oppressively it must be addressed . We are the Human race, and the human race has so many beautiful shades of skin and different cultures. To HATE someone due to the color of their skin is to hate one's own humanity, just as I would say vile anti-Semitism is a hatred of humanity. But there is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are, where you come from, your heritage, etc. and most especially in the face of oppression/ subjugation. This must be proclaimed! The reason this may sound as though i'm defending this video as if there could be something wrong with it, is because an argument could be made: "what about "white pride?" It's the construction of race that would lead someone to this question. If "White Pride" means "everyone else is lower and inferior" than that is not pride, it's arrogance and a symptom of thinking there are different teams in the world and wanting to be on the "winning one". If you wanna be proud of the shade of your skin cause that's the way G-d made you than no harm done, however i think it would be more proper perhaps to be proud to be of such and such ancestry, heritage and culture, just as being proud to be black refers to more than just skin color, however due to subjugation and oppression and degradation, there becomes a strong reason to be very proud to be black (in it's own right) and to stand tall the way G-d made you!

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