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This Initiative was created on May 22, 2015 @ 02:12:40 pm

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Joel Pirchesky, on behalf of One World Blue, LLC, want to thank CC Champions for allowing a donation to be made to the organization in honor of the birthday today of Eric Pirchesky, Joel's father, upon Eric's request that his birthday be honored thru this to this organization of CC Champions. Joel would like to also express his thanks and gratitude to his father for the values he has instilled in him to be a responsible manager and effective leader in establishing this network and business to help be a blessing to others. Eric, who owned his own business for over 35 years imparted his values of dedication and integrity to serving others who depend on him and has been a blessing as well in the encouragement for this innovative platform of Blupela.com to help the world. Happy Birthday to Eric and Many more!

Nov 25, 2015 @ 01:07pm

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Youth CCChampions


Hi! I’m Sidney, founder of CCChampions. I graduated from Brown in 2013, and when I was a sophomore there, I met a young cancer patient named Andy who changed my life forever.

When I asked Andy who he wanted to be when he grew up, his eyes lit up and he said, “I WANNA BE A BASEBALL PLAYER!”

You see, any time you mention baseball to Andy, there is such a magic in his eyes. You can tell in that moment, he totally forgets about cancer - and is just a kid again.

My friend Lauren passed away from cancer when I was a kid, and so seeing the magic in Andy’s face opened up my eyes to a world of inspiration I never knew existed. Andy taught me that inspirational role models are so much more than just entertainment. To kids with cancer, they’re a reason to keep believing.

Andy inspired me to start CCChampions.

We’re a Pittsburgh nonprofit that helps kids with cancer, through 6-month-long friendships with the most inspirational people in the community - athletes, artists, policemen (and everyone in between)! Since 2011 we’ve helped 150 kids, been featured in the Harvard Business Review & Forbes, named a Top 100 entrepreneur in the country by Stanford, and honored as a Hero Among Us by the Boston Celtics.

I started working full-time on CCChampions during my senior year in college. And three days after I graduated, I came back home to Pittsburgh to launch our hub. Together, we can build 100 magical friendships for kids with cancer in Pittsburgh in 2015 -- and change the way child cancer patients survive the cancer journey forever.

I try to wear Andy’s passion and bravery on my sleeve wherever I go, and I hope you will too.

Let’s share the magic!

Sidney Kushner
Founder & Executive Director,


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