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This Initiative was created on Aug 2, 2018 @ 04:10:39 pm

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Animals Cancer treatment for my precious cat


My best friend and precious 11 year old cat, Bathsheva is in need of chemotherapy and holistic medicine. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer a second time since last September. Surgery is not an option now.

For a donation of $36 or more you will recieve a gift, my cd "A Meditation of Prayers & Healing." This meditation I originally created in 2003 during my recuperation period after breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation in 2001. I have since been having other health challenges. Some days are good and some days are just fair. I make every day special and very fulfilling. Every day we are here is a gift of life. This meditation is for anyone who has gone through any type of challenge. The power of prayer, meditations, guided imagery, determination, a wonderful sense of humor and positive affirmations were the first steps to my recovery.

Your donation will be greatly appreciated to help improve her immunity, well being and longevity.

Please do help.

Soffie and Mariah.jpg

Iris Pirchesky, mother and respected counsel of the founder of One World Blue, Joel Pirchesky, has been an advocate and teacher of the special needs for over 25 years working with art therapy and counseling.

Iris, Thank you so very very much for everything. May you be forever blessed and may the Almighty Grant you all of your wishes for Good. May you continue to inspire others and have the blessings to continue your work in doing good deeds for others and being one of Heaven's Helpers here as well on Earth.

Iris has a degree in psychology and art therapy and completed an internship at the Western Pennsylvania school for the deaf and school for the blind. Iris has worked with many types of disabilities, among them have been cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injured, the vision and hearing impaired, mental health clients, intellectually challenged individuals, and her specialty being individuals on the Autism spectrum. She has helped countless individuals with her warmth and caring. She currently works with special needs at teen center at the JCC of Pittsburgh.

Iris provides with her skills, art therapy, music therapy, expressive therapy, movement therapy and meditation and guided imagery. She has created a CD for meditation and healing which is available for purchase. It is entitled A Mediation of Prayers and Healing and is available by contact with her at


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