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This Initiative was created on Apr 23, 2018 @ 03:50:25 pm

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From the Heart


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Peace in the World Essay 10" x 10" mounted on Film board with photo paper cloud background. Shipping in USA included

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Freedom and Rights Peace in the World Campaign

Peace in the World.1.jpg

I have a dream that the world would be better and a safe place to live.


Children should not be afraid to be without their parents. They should not be worried about being kidnapped. People should realize that they should not hurt anyone and try to understand what they are doing.


I think it is very meaningless to have war. It is senseless to fight and kill one another. God did not put people on Earth to fight, argue, or hurt each other.


Poverty is very harmful and cruel to people. It can sometimes kill a person. It would be nice if poor people did not have to go to bed hungry.


Robbery scares me a whole lot, and I am sure it scares alot of other people too. People are sometimes shot and killed because they protect their belongings. Probably if people had the things they needed, there would be no more robberies.


It is a shame people are so terrified about highjacks on a plane that they don't even go on them. I hope in the future people will be able to go on a plane without worrying about a highjack.


If people try and work together they can make this world a better one. I am willing to try, are you?


The Peace in the World Essay written by the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of One World Blue when he was in elementary school may be ordered here online (Place order on Left Side of this Page under 'From the Heart').

Order comes with the Essay mounted on Filmboard with Photopaper Glaze (Size is 10" x 10 ") Shipping Included

Peace in the World.1.jpg

Peace in the world.jpg

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