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This World Spotlight was created on Jun 17, 2017 @ 02:24:52 pm

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I think more awareness of this terrible crime needs to reach the public. Most citizens have no idea to the extent of the problem even in the US.

Jun 19, 2017 @ 11:31am

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Child Safety St James Global Village Ministries

Saint James Global Village Ministries, Ltd
8753 Broadway, Ste.E
La Mesa CA 91941
P/1. 619-463-6 708 Fax 619-463-4136

Executive Summary

The mission of St. JAMES MINISTRIES a 501 C(3) corporation is to create disciples for Christ, train them as to the word of the Bible and thereafter enlist them to be disciples for all the nations, teaching them to observe all things that God has commanded. Thus provide shelter and social services for children, women and others in need that has been orphaned, abused, or abandoned. To accomplish this we must provide education, eliminate illiteracy, provide protection, shelter, food, plus religious guidance by teaching the Gospel of the Lord and with God's Love transform individuals, families, communities and countries through the teachings and values of St. James Ministries.


There is an urgent need for immediate action that comes to the rescue of both children and women who are former prostitutes, battered women, sex slaves; unwed mothers and women veterans that want to restart their lives.

Children around the world are being sold as sex slaves. The number of children who are sold is stunning. It is estimated to be a little more than one million per year in the United States. In countries such as India, Cambodia, Thailand, children at the age of 10 are being sold for as little as $100.00 per child. Young women are being transported to the United States illegally and they become sex slaves. The number of orphans worldwide is reaching crisis levels due to poverty, AIDS and other maladies. The lack of social infrastructure and lack of resources is creating a generation in crisis. Drastic intervention is needed to break this cycle, and provide children with the opportunity to be groomed as future leaders of their countries.


Global Children's Villages are humanitarian projects which are initially being implemented as a beta installation in the United States, in particular the San Diego Metro Area, as the first project. This project will serve as a model for others of its kind around the country and the world in an effort to efficiently address these critical problems, on both a current and a long term basis and to develop a working template that will serve as a guide that can be carried out throughout the United States and twenty-two others countries world-wide.


St. James Ministries has plans to acquire hotels and other selected properties to implement the program in the San Diego Metro Area. The proto-type Villages will ultimately accommodate up to 5,000 at risk children and distressed adults. The prototype will be an amalgamation of several existing hotels which can be quickly converted into facilities which will provide immediate housing for women and children in need. Additionally the selected properties will provide housing for families as well as learning facilities where the occupants will receive job training, rehabilitation, and guidance in the ways of our Lord.

Our program targets women worldwide who are suffering from sexual exploitation and homelessness. The village concept focuses on providing enhancement respecting homelessness, social-economic issues, health, nutrition and career training.
An additional property is located less than a one hour drive from downtown San Diego, California. This property will be developed and used as a Rehab Center to house women and children. The training will consist of bible study, rap sessions, field trips and classroom instruction. Students will earn a degree in culinary arts, cosmetology, computers, nursing or a trade that will provide for job readiness.


Other locations to be developed are as follows: Tijuana, Mexico, India, Thailand, Phillipines and Cambodia.







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