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This World Spotlight was created on Jun 30, 2015 @ 08:24:27 pm

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Men Gino the Barber


Gino's Hair Styling Salon is the site of a special old man named Gino Scarmadi. His barber shop, located at 1931 Murray Ave in Pittsburgh, PA, has been a place that I personally used to go to have my hair cut. This fantastic Italian man is a top notch professional who knows how to give a conservative and clean cut to any gentleman of any age. He also cuts women's hair as well.

When I started going to Gino's in the early 1990s, I was only 12 or 13 years old at the time. Yet the stories Gino shared with me and his great ability to listen to what I had to say while he was doing his work was just remarkable. Though Gino isn't my barber anymore, I still think fondly of him and sometimes when I walk by his shop, I always have this momentary impulse to go back in there for a haircut. Yet, reality sets in and I quickly realize that I only average 2 or 3 haircuts a year and am not the type to have a clean look on a regular basis! Thus, I've become too much of a free spirit to continue going to Gino's for a haircut these days. But boy oh boy, when a man wants to be treated like a man, I can't but help recommend Gino's Hair Styling Salon.

Back in 2007, I featured Gino Scamardi in a short film I was making for a film contest. The contest's theme was entitled: "Lost and Found". The name of the movie: The Barbershop Cigars. It was a comedy inspired by both an old barber and a box of cigars. Taken from the website: "Improvised on site. No script. No treatment. No actors. 30 minute deadline for shooting on the barber`s lunch break. Edited in 2 days." Enjoy.

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