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This World Spotlight was created on Mar 27, 2020 @ 01:56:44 pm

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Meet Barbara


Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I am the fourth of five children and the only girl. My father was self-employed, and my mother stayed at home. My dad was strict and a perfectionist. In his mind, children should be seen and not heard. My mother told us that in order to keep our father happy, we should be quiet and submissive. I remember how frightening it was to me when he got angry. I feared people’s anger. I just shut down. I never said what was on my mind because I dreaded the consequences.


As a young adult, I started to go to therapy. That frightened me because it required me to talk, think about my feelings, and examine my behaviors and issues. Although the process took many years, I did learn a lot about myself. One of the most important milestones of my journey was when I was able to sit down with my parents and tell them about how I felt as a child. My parents were receptive to my request to hear and say, “I love you” and to hug and be hugged. Soon enough, my siblings followed suit.

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Clarity for 2020 / Waiting and Anticipating

As I sit waiting for my vehicle to be serviced, I’m thinking about other things I am waiting for in my life:

*The right time to sell my home and move south, living in Pittsburgh, where it snows and gets quite cold!

*The life I am working towards, continuing to serve others but waiting to do more and anticipating how that will be, and how it will feel.

Many people are waiting for things to happen in their lives, better job, nicer home, updated vehicle, vacation or other traveling, improved relationship with your spouse or partner, children etc., lose weight, get healthy, exercise, reconnect with friends and family, a new love relationship.

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Many times we create roadblocks and have trouble seeing our visions and goals clearly. A lot of times we become overwhelmed or paralyzed when trying to see what we truly want because, either we feel like it’s climbing Mount Everest or it’s so scary thinking this is a possible. We are good at negative self-talk.

In order to help you with achieving your goals in a successful way here are some suggestions.

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One World Blue Question: What made you decide to launch your own business and to go into the field of relationship/dating coaching?

Barbara Klein: “Well, I met my boyfriend in 2018, and while in my own dating process, I told my girlfriends that when I find my forever love, I want to help other people find theirs.

While my background is more in the dental field, I was an office manager for 30 years, and I’m a people person. Individuals seem to gravitate towards me and confide in me. Being that type of person has always come very naturally to me. While I generally loved my work up to this point, my last job before launching my site and practice was not a good fit. I decided to take a leap of faith and to invest in myself and my passion, and this work truly feeds and nourishes my soul.


One World Blue Question: How has your own love life and dating process influenced your coaching?

Barbara Klein: “I was always very thoughtful and analytical even as a child, quite introspective and contemplative. I got married at 18 years old, and it was a very dysfunctional marriage, but we did try very hard to make it work. My husband encouraged me to go into therapy, and at age 19, I began my journey of self-discovery and betterment. I was in and out of therapy for many years. The sessions were more intense and, at times, less so. My husband and I were married for 21years, and sadly at the age of 39, I became widowed, left with two kids, and had to figure it out from there. I’ve been through a lot, and my journey can be utilized to help others, and that is what I’m blessed to be doing now. Through my relationships, I’ve learned so much about myself and what goes into finding a healthy relationship, My starting emphasis and focus for all my clients is self-love, cultivating, and nurturing true self-love.”


One World Blue Question: What are some realizations you’ve had on your journey, some ideas you could share with us that can help us in our life/relationship experiences?

Barbara Klein: “My philosophy is that everything happens for a reason, a greater and far more transcendent reason than we may be able to comprehend when we find ourselves in a given situation. This applies to all situations, those that we can immediately recognize as good and those in which we have a harder time seeing the good. We are here to learn and grow, and as long as G-d keeps the breath of life within me, I will always be learning. I believe as well that everything works out for the best. Genuine self-love and acceptance are vital, and it is what I start exploring with all my clients. When we want to fully and most effectively love another, we must cultivate the self-love and acceptance we wish to bestow so that it is strong, vibrant, and healthy.”

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