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This World Spotlight was created on Dec 10, 2014 @ 07:06:06 pm

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Men Inspiring Sons

My three boys 003.JPG

My amazing sons. Joey is the oldest thirty four years old. He was born in Pittsburgh. His name is Joe Fazio & he has a brother Blaine Fazio thirty three. They had each other when times got tough. At the age of eight their father went to prison for drugs, he was dealing with three attorney's & two doctors who recreationaly used the drug cocaine. His dad did the time for everyone. If you squeal you don't do prison time, he did the right thing, he paid the price for doing wrong. He was sentenced for three years. In the mean time the boys became men when he left. They were my little protectors & kept me safe. It was the boys & me against the world. When he was in prison we supported him 100%. He remodeled homes, worked out, 12 step program, cooked for the inmates. He was very productive with his time. He thought he had his program & addiction under control. he was clean for six years stopped working his program & went into relapse. I made a promise to myself if my husband relapse I was leaving him. That is what I did. I ![My three boys )never thought I would remarry, but I did. I found the most amazing man in the world. My boys were not happy at first. It took them two years to adjust to our new life. They were not used to sharing mom. They wanted mom all to themselves. They still had some growing up to do. This is where all the transformation came through. Joey & Blaine went to college. Joey started his company at the age of twenty nine & Blaine started to take over my husbands company with building & renting apartments & houses. The two of them seem to be in harmony with each other with good & bad things happening. They were inseparable. It's hard to talk about one & not the other. Blaine was always there for me throughout his life, words cannot describe are bound & love for each other. Joey showed his love from a distance. Both of them have excelled at levels I never dreamed were possible. My son Joey has five employees, he fixes appliances & is doing amazing. My son Blaine is a top carpenter & is doing high end townhouses & getting top rents in areas that never thought were possible. A year ago they were in a horrible car accident. Blaine went out the back window thirty feet & Joey went out the front window. It was the most horrible, terrifying , day of my life. It took my Blaine a year to walk & recover. I got my Joey on his feet right away. It was one of those accidents that change your life for the better or worse. I have to say they took this experience & learned so much from it. I am so proud of the both of them & what they are doing with their lives. It makes a mom want to smile & breath at the same time. I feel very blessed & rich with the life I have been given, plus all the extras that came with it. I know have three beautiful grandchildren from Joey he & his partner are doing an amazing job raising them. My son Blaine is engaged to be married. My stepson is excelling at levels in school that are off the charts. He is in Haverford & graduating this year ready to go into the real world. He is twenty two. From the time he came into my life it was like he was my son forever. I got him at seven years old. Our bound is impregnable. He is my third son & I'm so proud & blessed to have him. His name is Rogan Grant. We did things together that impacted our life that will change the world. My step son has a constitution that is so powerful, & pure. He will make a difference in this world for the higher good in life. He takes after his father Mac Grant my husband. Words cannot describe my husband he is extraordinary at levels I never new were possible in a human being. Like I said I am the richest women in the world. I am forever grateful to be a part of this universe. Thanks One World Blue to make this possible & for me to be a part of!

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