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This Initiative was created on Mar 26, 2015 @ 01:51:56 pm

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From the Heart


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One Dance or Drum Class


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Sabou West African Music CD by Yamoussa Camara


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10 classes of Dance or Drum

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Education Camara Drum and Dance


Yamoussa Camara

Born in the village of Boke, Guinea, West Africa in 1966, Yamoussa Camara took to his drum at an early age. During his sixteen year association as first student then protege of Mohamed Kemoko Sano, choreographer and artistic director of both national companies, Djoliba and Les Ballets Africains, plus founder and director of Les Merveilles d'Afrique, Yamoussa had the distinction of being the youngest lead drummer in Les Ballets Africains. While with the national companies he toured Europe, Africa and the United States. His drum is featured on the CD's Master's of the Forest, Diya, Eh Allah, and both CD and video of Les Ballets Africains’ performance in England.


In 1995, Yamoussa immigrated to the United States. Since that time he has performed with numerous companies, including Wosa of Washington D.C. on their Taiwan Tour, an eclectic group of artists at S.O.B.™s in New York City, and a jazz ensemble in New Haven, CT. He taught drum and dance at Yale University for 10 years and has traveled the U.S. teaching, performing, choreographing and polishing presentations for various dance ensembles.


Yamoussa currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA where he teaches West African dance at Carnegie Mellon University, the African Drum Ensemble at the University of Pittsburgh, West African drumming at the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination and West African Dance at Bodiography Center for Movement, He also teaches drum and dance workshops for children and adults, and performs with various ensembles in addition to his own ensemble Camara Drum and Dance.

Yamoussa is available for dance and/or drum classes and workshops, private drum lessons, and performances in Pittsburgh and anywhere in the US. To book Yamoussa or Camara Drum and Dance, email Yamoussa or call 412-403-7502

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