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This Initiative was created on Feb 9, 2015 @ 10:40:54 am

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Culture Lev Yehudi


Lev Yehudi (Jewish Heart) is a very unique and exceptional non-profit-organization operating in India. It was founded in 2003, aspiring to help young Israeli adults shape their Jewish identity, strengthen their bonds to the state of Israel, connect to their Jewish roots and familiarize with their Jewish culture.

Our vision consists on a vivacious and dynamic Jewish society, connected to its past and looking towards its future, a society that conducts constant dialogues between all Jewish communities, within Israel and overseas. Therefore, our projects are designated to ignite a process of Jewish revival among wide populations in Israel.

Lev Yehudi runs two open Jewish Homes - each home is an encounter point to more then 1,000 Israelis backpackers every month. The backpackers enjoy a variety of activities; Shabbat and Holidays celebrations, learning groups, self-awareness workshops, seminars on different issues and more. Each home is populated by a young Israeli family that serves as a role model of Jewish life. The Jewish Homes also supports Israeli backpackers in distress and over the recent years we have supplied assistance to dozens of Israeli backpackers who needed immediate help in India.

Today, Lev Yehudi homes are very well-known and poplar among Israeli backpackers and many of them attend them every day. On Shabatot and Hagim, the Jewish Home hosts 200-250 backpackers; many of them join Minyan and attend Shiourim. Since the first Jewish Home was established in 2003, the Jewish Homes in India have hosted more than 200,000 Israeli Backpackers.

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