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[Profile picture groove-scoundrels-2020-logo.png]
Member Since: May 14, 2020


2002 25th Ave. W.

Bradenton, Florida 34205 United States


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Groove Scoundrels is a band of friends from around the world who make music that grooves from all genres. Nothing and no one is safe from their pounding beats and vicious guitars. Lead by Steve Kinetic Roberts who writes and co writes the music and lyrics with Danny Flanagan, all our music is produced in house in a small studio in west Bradenton FL. we have scoundrels IN Memphis, Finland and Birmingham England who all contribute to our songs

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to help heal the world from its predilection in separating us which has come to a head with the whole Covid-19 pandemic we want people to get together to sing to dance to love and take care of our earth our mother

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Groove Scoundrels

Groove Scondrels
Get in the groove and feel like a scoundrel
Groove Scoundrels is a band of friends from around the world who make music that grooves from all genres. Nothing and no one is safe from their pounding beats and vicious guitars. Led by Steve Kinetic Roberts who writes and co-writes the music and lyrics with Danny Flanagan, all our music is produced in house in a small studio in West Bradenton FL.
Here is what the One World Blue Songwriter Review by Talent Director Russell Johnson, Renowned and Acclaimed JRJ Productions Founder, has to say:
"Steven is not your average musician and his band Groove Scoundrels is not your average band. They are not necessarily interested in genre, they are after the “groove” {or “in the pocket” if you understand}. This makes categorizing the band almost impossible. Is it Rock & Roll? Most definitely, but it is also jazz, zydeco, blues, country with an R&B influence, and an undefinable classical characteristic that causes irritable leg syndrome. Steve doesn’t want his band pigeon-holed other than one characteristic – “It’s got that groove.” Just a sample from their website, groovescondrels.com will prove this true. It’s why they call it a “hook” – it grabs you and never lets go."
"Over the years Steve has assembled an eclectic and very talented group of musicians that fulfill many roles. Thes include Wayne Ridenhour on guitar as well as flute, tuba and synthesizer; Danny Flanagan, a multi-talented vocalist who can be heard tearing it up on the bands lastest single “Sleepless” – very reminiscent of Dr.John with a New Orleans funk, and Jerry Bohannon on a delicately screamin lead guitar. Rounding out the core band is Jarno Luhtanen, a roadwarrior from Finland who ads chops on guitar, keys, and percussion. All contribute at times to Steve Kinetic’s incredible writing."
"That brings us to Steve Kinetic – the driving force behind Grove Scoundrels. Steve not only writes and arranges the vast majority of the Groove Scoundrels music but also arranges and produces all of their songs. And the variety of music is astounding, from straight ahead rock and roll to jazz/zydeco fusion to rambling instrumentals; one thing remains true: they all have that GROOVE."
Russell Johnson, Talent and Production Director One World Blue Media
About the Groove Scoundrels
The Groove, feelin' groovy, gettin' groovy with the groove, findin' the groove then a scoundrel walks in…
Hi, I'm Steven Kinetic Roberts.. I'm a musician, I make music. I dig the groovy music which can be from any style or genre. The groove is a feeling and for me I feel it most when playing music. I’ve described it to others as being “gonzo” so wrapped up in the groove I lose all sense of self but not of my surroundings and other musicians all connected via the groove.
Some people don't or can't dig what I do with music, especially trained musicians. I seem to irritate them the most. I’m really not sure why. A character in a book once exclaimed: “Life is so constructed, that the event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.” – Charlotte Bronte
Currently the band consists of myself and the fine musicians below: Steve Kinetic Roberts on guitar, synth guitar, djembe, bass drums, percussion and keys. Kinetic writes most of the songs with help from the rest and is the owner of the pro home studio in Bradenton Florida where the heavy lifting is done.
Wayne Ridenhour
Groove Scoundrels is about the groove and paying little to no attention to the “rules” or genre, mixing elements and instruments from all around the world and through time and making groovy music.
Wayne Ridenhour on guitar, drums piano synthesizers. Wayne states “My other main instruments include flute & tuba … I know how to play other wind instruments but not so well.” (SKR: I happen to think he is one heck of a mojo man on the guitar!)
We like to incorporate musicians from around the world to collaborate, innovate, and educate music and that anyone can be a musician is a musician. We think that's the definition of being groovy.
Danny Flanagan
Danny Flanagan of Bradenton Florida. Danny has an incredible voice that Axle Rose and Steve Perry would envy and he is a damn fine kit drummer. Danny and his 2 daughters were featured vocalists on the Kindred Souls track Slow Walk Home and has since cut track with us as a founding member on several songs including Somethin in the Air, Off The Cuff/Gettin Caught up, Got Me Runnin, and our newest singles Sleepless & Few Miles From Home
Jerry Bohannon
Someone we are extremely proud to have joined us is Jerry Bohannon of No Excuses on lead guitar. Jerry's style of total shredding gives his guitar parts a ferocity that can't be touched by mere mortals. Jerry plays on an Ibanez Steve Vai in bright yellow through a Line 6 Spyder 5 amp. He is a true master of the shred and can seriously improvise on little to no info on a song. Simply play it and he goes to work. I personally believe he was sent here by aliens…
Jarno Luhtanen
Jarno Luhtanen of Koskenkorva Western Finland is an amazing musician and brings not only unearthly Godlike guitar chops but writing, keys, drums and percussion and a very cool way of looking at music.
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