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Member Since: July 17, 2015


PO Box 15284

Sacramento, Ca 95825 USA


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Non Profit

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California Protective Parents Association is a non profit organization dedicated to protecting abused children of divorce through research, education and advocacy.

What would you do to change the world?

I would ensure that all children born in this world are nurtured and raised by kind, loving mothers, protected and cared for by kind, safe fathers, given nourishing food, stable homes in safe neighborhoods, aa good education, and taught to be responsible

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Fund Court Watch Advocacy

CA Protective Parents Association
Help us save endangered children!
Every day, abused children are being taken away from their safe parents and forced to live or visit with batterers and molesters. Their human right to heal and grow up in safe homes is destroyed.
Divorce court judges are failing these children badly. There are many reasons for judges making such egregious mistakes, but the most crucial reason is the lack of oversight.
CA Protective Parents Association has created a model pilot court watch program in Sacramento County. Data from 1127 court watch surveys show:
in 83% of cases, there was no court reporter. Appeals are not possible without a transcript.
in 19% of cases, one party had an attorney and the other did not, despite CA law requiring the judge to "even the playing field".
18 percent of cases, mostly about custody, had been in litigation for 5 years or more.
Other research shows that more than 70% of children who report physical abuse and 90% of children who report sexual abuse are placed with their abusers.
We are convinced that having court watchers and advocates in the courtroom will make a difference in these outcomes.
We ask for your donation to help us create a safe life for these endangered children.
Please donate using the Sponsor tab on the left of the page.
You can also send a check to POB 15284, Sacramento, CA 95851-0284

Votes4 DateAug 6, 2015

Funded: 0 $0.00 / $3,000.00

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Child Safety

Child protection

CA Protective Parents Association
Did you know abused children of divorce are in grave danger?
Children from divorcing families who disclose incest or violence are likely to be taken from their safe parents and placed with abusers.
Six year old Susie (not her real name) was taken away from her nurturing loving mother and given to her registered sex offender father. Her father had been in prison for sexually abusing his other daughter when she was exactly Susie's age. Her father basically grew his own victim, and can now do whatever he wants to her.
How could that happen?
Children of divorce are treated like property to be divided by family court. The parent with the most money, connections and power gets the prize. This shameful situation mostly affects non-offending protective mothers and their children. California Protective Parents Association has received well over 3000 contacts from mothers but only 10 from fathers.
Battered women trying to protect their abused children often do not have money to pay attorneys, and lose their children. The children their lose their childhoods, their innocence, their safety, and in some cases, their lives.
How can we help change this situation?
We can each contact our Congress member and ask for Congressional Oversight Hearings on the failure of family courts to ensure children are safe in their homes.

Votes3 DateJul 28, 2015

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Child Safety

Child protection

CA Protective Parents Association
To keep our kids safe, we pass laws requiring sturdy car seats, bike helmets and reports of suspected child abuse.
When divorce court judges take our kids away from safe parents and put them with identified abusers, they mock every value our country holds dear. And they do it every day, to an estimated 58,000 children per year ( www.leadershipcouncil.org )
Here's how it usually works:
A child discloses physical or sexual abuse by a parent.
The protective parent (usually the mother) takes the child to doctors and therapists who make mandated reports.
There is a big flap. A cadre of child welfare agencies, law enforcement agencies, medical professionals, mental health professionals, specialists, mediators, guardians ad litems, and attorneys poke, prod and scrutinize the child with interviews, examinations and evaluations. Every professional gets paid handsomely. Private evaluators charge whatever the market will bear, ranging from $15,000 - $60,000 per evaluation. Attorneys charge $250-$350 per hour.
Then the game is over.
* Medical professionals close the case as not having clear physical evidence (only a tiny fraction of children show physical evidence)
* Child welfare agencies close the case as unsubstantiated (only a tiny fraction of cases are substantiated).
* Law enforcement agencies close the case as not having enough evidence for prosecution, or the child is too traumatized or not acting traumatized enough to be a credible witness (only a tiny fraction of child abusers are prosecuted).
* Poorly trained, biased or corrupt mental health professionals write reports that the protective parent is trying to alienate the child from the other parent by making up the abuse.
* The accused has a high powered attorney while the protective parent is impoverished and self represented.
* The child is assigned a new court therapist who refuses to believe any disclosures.
* The judge reads the reports in advance, which turns hearings into "star chamber proceedings".
* The protective parent cannot afford a court reporter or transcripts.
* The judge rubberstamps the reports recommending custody to the accused and supervised visits or no contact with the protective parent.
* The child is retraumatized, reinjured and sometimes killed.
* The protective parent cannot afford an appeal (only a tiny fraction of appeals overturn the trial court decision.)
* Mandated reporters are sued by the accused.
This process works splendidly to protect batterers and molesters.
Here's how it should work:
A child discloses being physically or sexually abused by a parent, and mandated reports are made.
The child is protected by a restraining order, ensured physical and sexual safety, and allowed to heal.
Child domestic violence victims need the same protections provided to adult victims.

Votes4 DateJul 28, 2015

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