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This World Spotlight was created on Jan 20, 2015 @ 11:43:38 pm

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Women Brenda Vance

Brenda Vance athlete photo.jpg


Brenda Vance was the typical American kid growing up in Illinois. In her youth she played and enjoyed sports, then as she got into her teen years she found herself doing more drinking, partying, eating lots of junk food, well... basically behaved like a typical rebellious teen. By the time she was 18, she gave birth to her son, and went on about her life as a single mom.

Fast forward to 2011. While watching TV, the now more mature 28-year old Brenda Vance came across a Fitness America competition, which ignited some kind of a spark in her.

"I saw this competition, and decided that I want to be like that." said the 31 year old full-time student with a masters in holistic nutrition. She then went on a mission.

"I found a trainer with whom I worked very hard, for four months. We got my body fat from 25% down to 10%, and I competed in my first Figure Competition, where I placed second."

What's a "Figure Competition" you ask? It's like a bodybuilding competition, but maintains a focus on still looking feminine.

"In fact, I entered three of them" she went on, "and finished 2nd in all three."

One would think that's pretty darned good, an most would be perfectly happy and proud with that excellent accomplishment, but not Brenda. Her next challenge was to enter Tough Mudder.

  • Tough Mudder is an endurance event series in which participants attempt 10–12-mile-long (16–19 km) military-style obstacle courses. It was designed and created by two British Harvard Business School post graduates and tests mental as well as physical strength. (source Wikipedia)

She did well enough to qualify World's Toughest Mudder, a brutal competition that has challengers running and doing an obstacle course for 24 hours. This is where Brenda learned a very valuable lesson. - "I was unprepared. I did this coming off training for the Figure Competitions, where the concept is all different. Those were about low body fat, so while I looked very fit, my body started to shut down and eventually the judges forced me to stop."

In 2012, through the ACE (American Council on Exercise), Brenda was certified as a personal trainer.

"That was exciting, but as I did an insurance company blood test, the results showed a potential problem with my kidneys, most likely due to the very high protein diet I was on. So, I changed my eating habits, and adopted a straight vegan diet."

Things seemed to be moving along just fine, until Brenda collapsed in 2013. "My body completely shut down on me from a lack of nutrients and over training. I went through 2 weeks of anxiety, fear, confusion... I had no idea what was going on. I was eating right, taking my supplements, thought I was doing everything right, and my body still shut down."

During her recovery, she did a lot of research, and decided to study at IIN (Institute of Integrated Nutrition), where Brenda earned a health coaching certificate and at about the same time she enrolled at the College of Natural Health, where she earned her masters of holistic nutrition.

In 2014, Brenda enrolled at Northern Illinois University, where she's working on her bachelors in sports nutrition, and looks to eventually earn a masters in that as well.

Today, when not making hard-core workout videos for viewers of YouTube, videos referred to as "Immortal Stair Training" , Brenda is the owner of B Crazy Fit studio, and she in-home and on-line training. But ask her and she'll tell you... "Nutrition is my favorite. I love the inner workings of the human body, and all of the little things that go into making it work just right. I Switched to an 80/10/10 diet (80% carbs, 10% fat & 10% protein), and I've never felt more healthy and full of energy."

Do not let the fact that she's a woman fool you. Brenda's workouts are very demanding. When asked about how men react to her training methods, she laughingly said "They hate me (during the workouts). They yell all sorts of obscenities at me, but in the end they love me because they see results."

So, what's Brenda's mission in life?

"To help others live healthy, so they can do the things they want to, with out physical limitations. To help them achieve a mind, body and soul connection."

All of these life altering and empowering changes, from one televised event. TV is often referred to as the "idiot box", but for Brenda Vance... it helped to change her into the inspiring woman, that this once rebellious teen-aged girl has become.

Story by: Attila Domos

Visit Brenda's website: http://www.b-naturallyzen.com/my-approach-brenda-vance

Follow Brenda at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brenda.vance.16

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