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This World Spotlight was created on Apr 20, 2015 @ 09:16:04 am

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Teachers Chasing Her Dreams


Chasing Her Dreams

By Rege Behe

In 2012, Jennifer Lee Hain moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Los Angeles, CA to work toward her goal of becoming an inspirational talk show host, along the lines of Oprah or Ellen. She'd created an inspirational website and blog, and was taking TV hosting classes with a professional coach. After making the move to chase her dreams, Hain began receiving messages via social media asking questions such as: How can I stay motivated? How do I even start chasing a dream? How do I overcome fear and know when to take a risk?
"While I was trying to achieve my dream, I very naturally started coaching people," she says.
Hain moved back home about one year ago and has recently started Jennifer Lee Life Coaching from her home in West View, PA. Using her bachelor's degree in corporate communications from Penn State-Beaver and a natural affinity for helping others, the 28 year old has found her calling.
And yes, she does get asked if 28 is a little too young to be a life coach.
"It's a fair question," Hain admits.
She overcomes any doubts about her experience via thorough preparation and a rare ability to motivate others.
"I specialize in five areas where I have experience and knowledge," Hain says:

• Individual career services and professional development, including resume building and mock interviews.
• Team building, with groups or businesses.
• Instilling the power of positive thinking.
• Communicating effectively, both personally and professionally.
• Self-empowerment.

"I am drawn to being a leader and helping people become the very best version of themselves," Hain says. "Nobody wants to need a coach for the rest of their life. So, my goal is to help you get to where you need to be and then watch you fly from the nest."

Hain's efforts have produced tangible results for her clients. One woman, an educator, asked for help to reach certain goals in order to become eligible for a raise. Hain assisted her in scheduling achievable deadlines to create content for a portfolio. The result? Hain's client earned a significant raise.
Another client lacked confidence in the workplace and was particularly shy about speaking in front of others. Hain set up a series of sessions that included icebreakers and other exercises designed to boost his confidence. Recently, the client was unexpectedly asked to give a presentation at work.
Before working with Hain, he would have been shaking in his shoes. Hain's guidance not only helped her client get through the presentation, but thrive.
"It was such a joy to hear his enthusiasm and pride. Also, his employer mentioned to him that he might be leading some of the future training sessions," she says.
Hain still lives out her “California Dream” right here in Pittsburgh by interviewing others for her “A Breath of Fresh Air” segments on her website. This platform features those who have overcome challenges in life and also those who are out making it happen and chasing their dreams. Hain also hosts her own podcast titled, “On Fire to Inspire.” This show is designed to educate, entertain and inspire. Guests range from experts in financial planning to business coaches to musicians and so much more.
With each client, "it's very different every time," she says. “Because of this, I do not have general content that is used for each person. I tailor a program to the client’s specific needs. The visual I like to paint for people is that they're never alone when working toward their goal – trying to cross that finish line. I'm running alongside them."

More information: jenniferleelifecoaching.com/

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