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This World Spotlight was created on May 3, 2018 @ 03:35:23 am

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Earth Lionheart Enterprises

Bnai Emunoh Logo.jpg

Established in 2008, Lionheart Enterprises will include the following ventures:

One World Blue Logo.jpg

Blupela.com: The One World Blue Good Network, Social Network for Social Change, bringing unity to our planet and facilitating the healing of mankind one good deed at a time. Blupela consists of five modules: 1) Crowdfunding projects for both non-profit and for-profit ventures, 2) Light on the World, 3) Planet Sanctuary, 4) Light of Culture, 5) Overture to Peace.


Blupela will also be replicated for use for all specific major cultures/religions: “A One World Blue Good Network…” designed specifically for the intended users and viewers of the target community. We have thus far: The Pleasant Way (Jewish), The Graceful Way (Christian), The Way of Compassion (Buddhist), The Way of Brotherhood (Muslim), The Way of Giving (Hindu).

One World Blue Store: Fair Trade and Home Décor Products from around the world

OWB Dolphin.jpg

One World Green Living:

Green and Eco-minded product store site

Glorious Radiance.jpg

One World Green Life: Green Education

One World Blue.jpg

LionHeart Productions/One World Blue Productions in Partnership with Vango Media and Steele Creek Ventures: syndication, media, radio, and films, specializing in Cultures, animals, nature, inspiration and worldwide events.


One World Blue Telecom: Telecommunications and networking.

Catabolic Energy.jpg imagesXJDBTENV.jpg

One World Blue Resorts: Family vacation center with conference capacity to be located in Sarasota, Florida. Focus on cultural appreciation and diversity with international motifs and venues. Also the center for our international peace work and relation building.


A Taste of One World: At the One World Blue Resort, Restaurants with flavors from around the world, all under one roof with different countries and motifs in each room.

Joyful Ganvie, Benin.jpg

The Ark of One World: To be located next to the resort center. Animal Park/Nature Reserve with natural and ecological habitats and savannahs with a focus on preservation and conservation of endangered species.Mother Gorilla Koola by Jim Young at Brookfield Zoo Illinois.jpg

One World Blue Café and Tea Houses: Specialty Teas and Vegetarian food, with One World Blue Store on locations featuring Fair Trade Products around the world. These Tea Houses will be meeting centers for communities to come and gather and discuss what is going on positively in our communities and world. Connected to The One World Blue Social Network.

Outdoor coffee shop Sudan.jpg

The Wellsprings of Life: Holistic Healing Centers featuring Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Herbology, Ayurveda, Massage, Kabbalistic Meditation and Yoga Studios.



Lionheart Land Development: Real Estate Development Featuring Certified Green Building and Innovation in Honor and Memory of Hyman Ziff


Lion Travels: Travel tours, specializing in exotic destinations like Kenya, Nepal, Bali, Tahiti and Peru.



Aryeh Lev Holy Land Tours


Path of Eden: Kosher Diet Plan meals


Lettuce Shine: Vegetarian cafe focused on healthy salads and lite fares for wholesome eating.

Memory Lane Auto: Buy, Sell, Trade and Restore Antique Automobiles.

1958 Chevy Impala.jpg


Back In Memory Lane: Drive In Theatres and 50’s Diners

1955 Bel Air.jpg

The Roaring Lion 1920’s Club: Located in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles.

Lady Rebbeca Sieff.jpg

Long Term Community Projects:

Family Center Home for extended stay for those who have loved ones in medical care.

Meshulach Home: Nice and comfortable guest house to accommodate those from out of town raising funds. Full meals, comfortable beds and sheets, and wifi availability.

Special Needs Group Home: In cities where a qualified and respectable group home is not available for those with special needs in the community, build one according to our program that we will design to honor and service these special souls.

Kosher Market that is affordable and not for profit and uses the employment of those with disabilities and special needs. We will sell with prices at cost for operation so the many families who find it difficult to make ends meet can live a more dignified life and take care of their families.

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