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This World Spotlight was created on Nov 27, 2018 @ 02:17:55 pm

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Arts CARICS International Fine Arts Festival


CARICS International Fine Arts Festival

Introductory Exhibit

Affair of the Arts

“Art is a universal language and through it each nation makes its own unique contribution to the culture of mankind.”

— Dwight D. Eisenhower


Contact Information:

Cachet Caribbean Community Society Limited (CARICS)

1F Rhynie Drive, Unity Hall, Montego Bay St. James, Jamaica, W.I.

Tel: 876-315-2756, 876-633-9873, International Calls: 561-247-6200

CARICS' International Fine Arts Festival is an arts/artist development program and entertainment event which will have its introductory exhibit titled Affair of the Arts on March 9, 2019 at the Old Hospital Park, Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay. This initial staging serves as a precursor to the Festival’s Mega Gallery exhibit is proposed to be inaugurated at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in Spring 2020. The Cachet Caribbean Community Society Ltd. CARICS developed the event to expose artistic talents while developing revenue streams and funding for tertiary education for marginalized youths.



The program will feature:

Art Exhibit: Local and regional artists and artisans from disciplines including ceramics, photography, woodcarvings, jewelry, multimedia compositions, painting & drawing, architecture, fashion designing, printmaking, sculpture, marching band and a top chef cooking competition.


Training and Professional Development Seminar:

Industry professionals, to include curators, galleries, established exhibited artists, will provide training and advice to developing artists and students interested in pursuing the arts.



The day’s event will feature entertainment segments for participants and patrons to include kiddies’ corner. This will serve to attract patrons to the venue.

CIFAF Showcase: A major entertainment production to include live performances by several top local and international artist. International Reggae/Dancehall artist Agent Sasco will headline Affair of the Arts March 9, 2019.

"Come to Jamaica Mon!” View, buy or exhibit Fine Art in lush tropical paradise overlooking the Caribbean Sea!


Exhibitors Enjoy:

Great networking

Accessibility to a primed audience

Close proximity to several major hotels and tourist accommodations

Unique marketing reach

Media coverage (TV, Print, Radio and Social Media)


For exhibitors at the International Fine Arts Festival registration fees are as outlined below:

10ft x 10ft (100 sq. ft.) Tent - $200 USD

Tent is non-porous and has back and side coverings includes booth signage, basic interior lighting one table two chairs feature in CIFAF exhibition program, on event website as well as on IFAF social media platforms.
10ft x 20ft (240 sq. ft.) Tent - $300 USD
Tent is non-porous and has back and side coverings includes booth signage, basic interior lighting one table two chairs feature in exhibition program, on event website as well as on CIFAF social media platforms

Display Table - $120 USD

signage, one 6ft table and one chair under a covered area feature in exhibition program, on event website as well as on CIFAF social media platform



Cost will cover rental for the table or tent for the duration of the event. Exhibitor is responsible for outfitting and decorating interior of exhibition space.

unnamed (1).jpg

- "Bob Marley" by Scion Derby

Come On Board as a Sponsor!


Help CARICS to make this event a success by becoming a partner or sponsor of The CARICS International Fine Arts Festival’s Introductory Exhibit: Affair of the Arts, an event with flair as and a wide reach. It provides a rare opportunity to interface with the industry players all in one place and to have your brand represented in one of the world’s most profitable markets. Additionally, CARICS is aware that your organization seeks to support wholesome initiatives and so aligning your brand with the International Fine Arts Festival is a plus.

PRESS and related LINKS:



Cachet Caribbean Community Society Inc. (CARICS) is a revolving fund, developed to foster the socioeconomic development of the marginalized through education, agricultural and other enterprises, the arts and real estate. Cachet Caribbean Community Society Inc. [CARICS] is dedicating its efforts in the pursuit of people empowerment as a product of its business model.


The fund will incorporate communities and individuals online to participate via the internet with the contributing individuals, businesses or institution as well as cooperating Educational communities on projects and awards to be offered by the fund. This strategy of inclusion of partners from all over the world operating online, makes it possible to establish the Fund as a global entity, designed to eliminate poverty through education and business enterprise developments and projects. It is non- territorial.



Oniel Cunningham


"Cachet Caribbean Community Society Inc. (CARICS) is my brainchild. Being born to teen parents meant I had to learn what to be strong and resilient really mean in order to survive; I had to navi gate rural and urban poverty by way of the small farming community of Cambridge and the harsh inner-city of Salt Spring, both in the parish of St. James."


CARICS is a global entity, designed to eliminate poverty through education and business enterprises. Individuals and organizations are asked to contribute to the fund through donations, purchasing products and services from CARICS, as well as supporting CARICS events, designed to generate revenue.


-Art by Teja Christie Collections

"It was a deep intrinsic motivation to rise beyond the social and economic limitations of my background that pushed me to work hard. My humble beginnings and yearning for success serve as the impetus to make a difference in the lives of others, hence the conceptualization of CARICS."- Oniel Cunningham

scion bob.jpg

"In order to resolve the things that are wrong we have to first recognize that we must develop our marginalized communities and individuals both socially and economically. CARICS’ aim is to do this through education, agricultural, the arts, real estate and for profit enterprises within these same communities, by providing affordable and practical solutions to resolving socioeconomic related and sociopolitical problems such as crime and domestic violence, regardless of designated category."


"Through community based programs targeting conflict resolution, anger management, as well as how to cope with the extreme trauma that is an everyday reality in many of these marginalized communities, we can help strengthen the resolve of those who need and yearn for it the most."

Scion Derby Painting (1).jpg

- "Cane Fields" by Scion Derby


"In providing outreach and development programs locally and regionally The CARICS group and its members will in turn become a community to influence global change for marginalized communities. If we all begin in our corner and seek to build networks through those we impact, a sequence will be forged thereby allowing for far greater reaches and scopes."

scion derby.jpg

- "Sea Sunset" by Scion Derby

"Individuals can be of service by supporting CARICS events and ventures by attending, sponsoring or purchasing pieces from individuals or organization aligned with CARICS. Additionally, they may provide financial or other assistance to students and budding entrepreneurs. "

Teja Christie Collections (1).jpg

- Design Sketch by Teja Christie Collections

"We welcome the participation of artists/artisans and musicians in the International Fine Arts Festival. Additionally, for developing talents, there is a great need for additional training, guidance and mentorship and this is an area in which artists and artisans and musicians can help us greatly, and the advancements in technology makes it even easier to receive assistance from anywhere in the world."

pottery-2784564_1920 (1).jpg

"The essence of CARICS is to form a community dedicated to developing strategies, and programs to assist with alleviating socioeconomic and other societal problems within the Caribbean."

Please partner with us in this sacred endeavor



Location : Montego Bay, Jamaica

Telephone: 876-315-2756 | 1 876-633-9873 | International: 1 561-247-6200

Email: info@carics.net

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