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This World Spotlight was created on Nov 12, 2017 @ 05:01:59 pm

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Freedom Al-iksir E-Consulting


What is Al-iksīr?


At Al-iksīr (Elixir), consultants provide professional editing services tailored to your needs, time and budget. Think of us as your go-to personal grant writer, guidance mentor and career counselor –

all in one and all online

Al-iksīr, translated 'Elixir' in English, refers to something with magical properties. We think good writing is just that –

magic on paper

Why Al-iksīr E-Consulting?

Al-iksīr Consultants are a group of friends that realized the importance of great writing! We believe good writing is the key to securing that grant, getting that scholarship offer, and getting that initial job interview. Send that grant application, essay, resume, cover letter online and our consultants will help turn it into a professional one in less than 24 hours.

Just send, discuss, pay and receive!


Our consultants have used their writing skills to help many clients in countries like China, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. We have experience with students from various academic backgrounds including AP, O Levels, A Levels, IGCSE, GCSE and IB, and diverse professional backgrounds including, but not limited to, economics, business, engineering, human resources and law. Our corporate and NGO clients include Jazz Pakistan, One World Blue and Church World Services.


To date Al-iksīr has helped secure donor funding for nonprofits and startups, admissions and scholarship offers from a number of universities including Johns Hopkins University, College of William and Mary, University of Virginia, Northeastern University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Mount Holyoke College, as well as interview offers from global employers such as UNDP and World Bank.



Applying for colleges and need help writing essays?

Write a unique and inspiring statement of interest!

Reports & Proposals

Looking to submit $1 million grant proposal?

Craft a compelling proposal and secure funding for your organization!

Looking for a job and need help landing that initial interview?

Build a resume that employers can't stop reading!




"I had a draft personal statement, but my Al-iksīr consultant really helped me perfect it down to the very last word. I was admitted to Mount Holyoke College, my top college choice, with a 50 percent scholarship"

- Madeeha (High School Student, Pakistan)

"I'm good at being able to explain capabilities in person but not really the best on paper. I got in touch with the consultant, who took their time to listen and understand my qualifications and job aspirations before editing my resume. I would highly recommend Al--iksīr if you need high quality work done in due time"

- Fatimah (Professional Photographer, United Kingdom)

"I wanted to apply for MBA programs in the UK but wasn't sure how to start my personal statement. Al-iksīr walked me through the essay writing process helping me apply to three schools"

- Ahmad (Graduate Student, Ireland)

"As a working mother, I never had time to update my resume. The consultant taught me new tools and strategies so my resume would stand out. They completely transformed my resume in a matter of days"

- Saleha (Learning and Development Specialist, Bahrain)

To Learn more and book your consultation today please visit:


About the Founder:

Ms. Yumna Rathore


I'm an avid traveler with 4 years of writing and reporting experience in various fields ranging from politics, international development, lifestyle, education and economics. I've worked in numerous organizations ranging from nonprofits to startups to international organizations. Most recently, I launched Al-iksir E-Consulting, an online consultancy offering premium editing and writing services for your every need!
Contact Me


Writing Experience

Founder and Writing Consultant at Al-iksir Consulting

Blog Writing for Mangobaaz.com

Report Writing at Innovations for Poverty Action

International Communications Consulting at UNDP China

Report Writing at Global Studies Ceter

Grant Writing at Daya: ICPI

Research & Writing at Middle East Institute

Blog Writing for American University Online

Grant Writing at Haitian Families First

Documentary Producer at Roshni Public School

Briefings Writing at UN Mission

Policy Writing at Embassy of Pakistan

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