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This World Spotlight was created on Jun 10, 2020 @ 01:12:25 pm

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Healing Bodies Into Balance


Bodies Into Balance

Bodies into Balance.jpg

Jenny Jean Crawford

Integrative Health Consultant




JOIN JENNY CRAWFORD for Her VIRTUAL ONLINE Lecture "Boost Your Immunity", Accessed Globally.

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Hi! I'm Jenny, creator of The Gut Check Method: Heal the Gut, Optimize Your Health.


I help purpose-driven professionals striving to to live up to their true potential to optimize their health and boost immunity. We work to restore and revitalize their physical, mental, and emotional well being throughout the process. Once they’re in a space of balance, it allows them to show up with vitality, focus, and presence in all aspects of their lives.

They realize that their fogginess, anxiety, weakened immune response and gastric distress are costing them the ability to work and move in their lives standing in their full power, ultimately affecting the impact that they can make on the world around them.

A study published by the National Institute of Health in 2008 states that gut-associated lymphoid tissue accounts for approximately 70% of the entire immune system. Another study published by the NIH in 2015 shows that changes in the intestinal microbiome can lead to breakdown in the intestinal layers of immunological defense that leaves the body susceptible to infections and inflammatory conditions.


So, I took my background as a clinical herbalist and a health and nutrition coach, and I designed a system to guide people through the process of healing from within called The Gut Check Method: Heal the Gut, Optimize Your Health.


We do this through my 3 pronged proprietary methodology called Nourish, Meditate, and Move, which allows clients to experience more vitality and productivity so that they can be more present and effective in their work and personal lives. Ultimately, this leaves them feeling empowered, peaceful, and fulfilled.


New JPEG Image.jpg

One World Blue Question: Describe some of your journey into holistic healing? How does a chemical engineer make their way into herbology, nutrition, candida overgrowth support, and all-around wellness?

Around my junior year at CMU, I started to become disenchanted with what they were teaching us. Essentially, they were teaching us to pollute as much as possible in order to save money without getting fined for it. This created much moral dissonance inside of me, but this was just the beginning of my path.

One World Blue Question: Where did you go from there?

I graduated with my B.S. in Chemical Engineering and worked in nanotechnology for a little while. The real dive into my quest for holistic healing began when I was working for a research firm running tests on various samples for a doctor who worked with Autistic clients . I could see through the research some direct effects and impacts on the body from various foods being fed to the patients. A few months into my work there, my mother became ill and was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, a very aggressive form. She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis most of her life, which is also an inflammatory disease. I worked for this firm for the next year and was laid off thankfully at a time when my mother needed me the most. I saw how the Chemo was wreaking havoc on her body and overall well-being, and I went back into intensive research mode on a quest to help my mother get through this naturally.


One World Blue Question: Did your mother survive?

Unfortunately, my mother was taken by her illness. I have accepted that this was beyond my control and was from a higher authority. I was not able to save my mother, but it sparked in me my passion for educating myself and the world on all the findings I would continue to gather. Through this very painful tragedy, I found a deep calling within me. I became a clinical herbalist and a health and nutrition coach in 2018 and began my practice soon after.


Find Your Balance

Health & Nutrition Consulting

The Gut Check Method: Heal the Gut, Optimize Your Health.

"My signature program is designed to help purpose driven professionals optimize their health and boost immunity while restoring and revitalizing their physical, mental, and emotional well being. We do this through my 3 pronged proprietary methodology called Nourish, Meditate, and Move, which allows clients to experience more vitality and productivity so that they can be more present and effective in their work and personal lives. Ultimately, this leaves them feeling empowered, peaceful, and fulfilled.

Discover the most effective way to achieve and maintain vitality, focus, and presence. Book a discovery call today."


Deep Dive Candida Support


Are you looking for support in navigating management of your candida overgrowth? I offer a coaching program providing extra support for you in moving through the most comprehensive methodology, addressing not only the complicated physical aspects of healing a chronic overgrowth, but also the underlying emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances that are contributing to the condition. Whole body healing is only possible when the mind, body, and spirit meet in aligned intention. If you desire extra support on the journey to embrace balance and health in your life and body, I can provide you with a mirror, a guide and an objective partner.


Location & Contact Details

Tel: 7247661283

Email: info@bodiesintobalance.com

Online or In-Person

Book Now



Corporate Group Health Coaching


Reach new heights in wellness and unlock hidden potentials as a team!

The workplace can be a challenging setting for some of my clients when it comes to maintaining their health and wellness. I am here to help your team reach new levels of health, regardless of where they are on their journey, and to give them tips and practices to help them maintain balance in their lives. A healthy team is a team that is also clear, creative, and capable of so much more than they are while dealing with health and lifestyle issues. This Corporate Group Health Coaching service is a favorite among clients managing a workforce. If you want your team capable of firing on all cylinders, book your consultation today.

Location & Contact Details

Tel: 7247661283

Email: info@bodiesintobalance.com

Book Now

One World Blue Question: Healing is not a “one size fits all” process, is it?


Health and healing are certainly not a “one size fits all” type of discipline. Everybody has a unique biochemistry. I encourage my clients to communicate with their bodies, to identify the messages their bodies are sending them. I also do not believe that healing takes place exclusively through nutrition; all areas of a person’s life must be evaluated. What is going on in their emotional lives? How is their mental health? Where are they spiritually? This is completely distinctive for each person, and they will be the best assessors of their health and well-being. I advocate not just focusing on diet, nutrition, and herbs, but on their entire being. I want to lead my clients on a path to becoming their own healers. I am most passionate about teaching people to be in tune with their deepest God given essence and to heal from within.


Health & Nutrition Consulting


Clinical Herbal Consult Package

Book Now

Returning your bodies to a state of balance takes time, as does building relationships with the plant allies who will help you achieve this. To make a longer term commitment to yourself and your healing, schedule multiple herbal consult sessions and save.

Herbal Intake Session


Location & Contact Details

Tel: 7247661283

Email: info@bodiesintobalance.com


Online or In-Person

Book Now

Upcoming Events

“It Takes a Village; All Nations All Races All My Relations!”

Jenny Jean Crawford

Pittsburgh, PA 15221​​


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Now that the Holiday Season and its accompanying cold weather is upon us, it really helps to bolster our immune systems for a number of reasons. Firstly, we are out and about, being more active and often running ourselves ragged with all the preparation and revelry. Even when it is in the service others, stress and lack of adequate rest still leads to a weakened immune system. All the while, we are getting exposed to plenty of germs and viruses that are more than willing to take advantage of our weakened constitution.


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