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This World Spotlight was created on Nov 23, 2015 @ 07:16:21 am

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Healing Natural Chi Healing



About Natural Chi Healing

Natural chi healing is unlike any other therapy. Current medical treatments in both the East and West work directly on the body, using some form of physical therapy or medicine. Natural chi healing, on the other hand, initiates healing without any physical intervention.
It is a treatment technique that uses spiritual energy, and spiritual energy is not governed by physical laws. It is everywhere. There is nothing to stop spiritual energy from going anywhere.
If you would like to experience natural chi healing, you can work with Tienko individually in a private session or as part of a group in a natural chi clearing program.

Chi Healing Private Sessions

Tienko calls what he does in these sessions “message chi healing.” This is a treatment technique that uses spiritual energy. Because spiritual energy is not limited by time and space, Tienko does not need to be physically present with clients, and can conduct these sessions remotely. While you are in your home or office and Tienko is in his, he can examine any unresolved physical issues that you have, unblock any energetic blockages that are contributing to those issues, and make recommendations.
The cost for a week-long chi-healing session is $300, and a month-long session is $1,000. After the initial session, Tienko may suggest additional sessions if your condition requires. Scheduling and payment for follow-up sessions will be addressed on an individual basis.
To arrange for a chi-healing session, please fill out a registration form.


Once we have received your registration form and payment, we will email you further information about your session and guidelines for feedback and follow-up with Tienko.

Client Reports

Natural Chi Clearing Programs


Liver and Gallbladder
Breast Clearing
Heart and Small Intestine
Lung and Large Intestine
Kidney and Bladder
Thyroid Rejuvenation
Essential Seasonal Clearing
To see the details of all programs, please visit:


Example of a Program

Essential Seasonal Clearing

Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, Triple Burner, and Pericardium

For thousands of years, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have spoken of the end of each season as being ruled by Earth’s energy. The organs associated with Earth’s energy are the stomach, spleen, pancreas, triple burner, and pericardium. It is important to support these critical organs with Natural Chi and clear any stagnation or blockages.

Let us look more closely at each of these organs:
•The Western view is that the pericardium is a sac of fibrous tissue that surrounds the heart, but the term has also been used by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. While The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, the fundamental source of Chinese Medicine, did not refer to the pericardium per se, it discussed the “Heart Master” in depth. Tienko believes that what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls the pericardium is a non-physical organ that may function as the Heart Master or heart brain, controlling the functioning of your entire circulatory system.
•The triple burner is also an intangible organ with an essential role. It is responsible for transforming food into energy, a process that begins at the throat and ends at the anus. The triple burner acts as a virtual mechanism that micro-processes and transforms food into very fine nutritive substances that nourish your body. Together with the stomach, spleen, and pancreas, it literally brings the energy of the Earth—through the nutrients in food—into your body in the highly refined act of digestion.
•The stomach processes and decomposes food into substances that are ready to be refined.
•The pancreas completes the breakdown of protein, carbohydrates, and fat and also regulates insulin and blood sugar. A healthy pancreas increases the strength of the immune system to fight off viruses. Cleansing the pancreas can eliminate viruses that have been found to be the source of many “incurable” diseases.
•The spleen is in charge of the elaborate nutrient-transporting system. It works with the pericardium to direct the blood flow needed to transport nutrients throughout your body.

Since these five organs are responsible for producing and transporting the nutrients that support life, they create the foundation for your optimal health and vitality. It is for this reason that we are offering this clearing program at the end of each season (as determined by the Chinese calendar) to support these vital organs throughout the year.

This profound two-week essential seasonal clearing program will produce the following results:

Physical benefits:
•Improved digestion and improvement in your digestive system overall
•Increased health and strength of the process of food transformation and assimilation
•Greater energy and stamina
•Help with blood sugar imbalances
•Enhanced appetite, digestion, and metabolizing of food and nutrients
•Strengthening of the immune system
•Reduction or elimination of acid reflux and heart burn
•Lessening of bloating and fullness in your abdomen
•Relief of constipation, diarrhea, and urination issues
•Relief of chronic skin issues
•Strengthening of your muscles and muscle tone
•Help with leg cramps and spasms
•A lighter feeling overall
•More ease if you have pain or difficulty walking
•Feeling stronger overall

Emotional benefits:
•A more balanced emotional state
•Relief from emotional eating issues
•Reduced depression, worrying, and thinking too much
•Peace of mind

Spiritual benefits:
•A sense of being whole, balanced, and supported
•Feeling nourished and satisfied
•Greater happiness
•Increased clarity of mind
•Being at peace
•Greater connection to the Earth

Every day for the two weeks of the program, Tienko Ting will work on your stomach, spleen, pancreas, triple burner, and pericardium using chi energy. This remote program is an opportunity to achieve a seasonal clearing of these essential meridians and organs. We will be conducting the Essential Seasonal Clearing Program four times a year at the completion of each season. This serves to support balance and provide optimal integration of nutrients, energy, and life force into your body.

The cost of the program is $300.

Visit www.naturalchimovement.com for more details

What People Say

“I have had kidney problems since I was a child…. My request to Tienko was to bring blood flow and healing to my kidneys, resolve the chronic infection, and if possible put a stop to the night terrors that have plagued my sleep for years.

"From the first day Tienko started to work on me, I have not had a nightmare. Two days later, my left kidney stopped hurting…. By the end of the first week of working with him, I was clearly having new and different sensations in my right lower back—sometimes it feels intensely energized and warm, and sometimes it feels like cold water is swirling around there.

"It’s hard to over-exaggerate the toll that kidney problems have had on my life. I used to dance professionally. During that time, I danced and trained seven to eight hours a day. When my kidneys became diseased, that level of energy was impossible. By the time I contacted Tienko, I would get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs.

"It’s also hard to over-exaggerate the difference that Tienko has made in my life. After working with him for two weeks, I feel great, and I have so much energy. I’m pain free, and I’m thrilled to be able to sleep peacefully. Because of Tienko’s chi healing, I’ve gotten my life back.”

Justina Prince


“I signed up for private chi healing with Tienko Ting after learning through blood tests that I had the first signs of metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes). He worked on me for a month and discovered that I had quite severe stagnation in my pancreas, which he determined to be at the root of the problems, and also some stagnation in my liver…. Over the course of the month, I was aware of many changes taking place in my body as well as my mind and emotional states. By the end of the month, I felt much more balanced in mind and body.

"I recently had blood work done to check on the status of the metabolic syndrome, and I was so happy to find out that all the abnormal results from the first test are now in the normal range. In addition to the work with Tienko, I also made drastic changes in my diet, and started a daily routine of Natural Chi Movement, as well as other forms of exercise, but I feel very confident that Tienko's healing was pivotal in me regaining my health.

"It is clear to me that Tienko Ting is an extraordinary healer, and I am so glad I was fortunate enough to be able to work with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking support in regaining their health and vitality.”


Licensed Acupuncturist, Age 31 of Pennsylvania

To see more Reports of the benefit people have had from working with Natural Chi Healing with Tienko Ting visit here:



To learn more about Natural Chi Movement you may order Tienko's book on our site:



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