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This World Spotlight was created on Oct 1, 2015 @ 06:18:10 am

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Music Denny Strauser, Sound Engineer


There's this guy with a beard I've seen behind the mixing booth at various shows in the Pittsburgh's Southside for the longest time. He's usually seen at Club Cafe and the Rex Theater and I always thought he was an interesting figure. Well, just a week ago, while on location for my new Portrait Photography class at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers, I happened to come across this man and I found out his name was Denny Strauser and he was that one and only sound engineer. He let me take some photographs of him while he was on a smoking break prior to a show that was about to start that evening. As the light of the day faded away, I was lucky to capture some cool shots of Denny, and even had a brief chat with him. He mentioned there's this well known photographer who has taken his picture many times and his project is called "Faceburgh". Later that evening, I met the creator of "Faceburgh" and his name was Matte Braidić (here's his Instagram page by the way). He sat down with some of the students, the teacher and myself outside Delanie's Coffee on East Carson st. He had his little pet dog named Maya (which I found out was one of the keys to his success of taking photos of random strangers on the street - as that made him more approachable/trusted). Anyway, back to Denny. He's a pretty good soundman and one of the iconic figures you'll see in Pittsburgh. If you run into him, tell him some random photographer named Jonathan said hi.

I've posted a few shots of Mr. Strauser here, and if you still want to learn more about him, check out this article written in 2003 from the Pgh City Paper.

All photographs are Copyright © 2015 Jonathan Wayne.


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