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This World Spotlight was created on Jan 12, 2021 @ 02:25:15 am

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Blessings to all Readers in this new year message




When things go wrong in your life, sometimes it's not because of what you did wrong - it's what you did right. It's because there is a promotion ahead. So tell yourself "THIS IS JUST A TEST!"

In order to reveal our true motives, God applies two major tests;

i.The test of time - or the delay test.

ii.The test of hardship - or the wilderness test.

The Best in 2021 to all family and friends may you continue to strive improve and remove anything that will deter your progress in love and unity in what is to be done. this is a new season for our reason ..again thanks to you the reader of this message.

Time reveals the true nature of things, so does pressure. The only way to know how strong your physical heart is to put it under pressure and watch how it performs.

Before God promotes you, He applies the test of motive. Why? Because, the true nature of our heart will eventually reveal itself. And God says, "better now than when you get promoted. We might as well bring it all out now, when you don't have too much influence."

When God applies the motive test, He is not trying to discover what is in your heart - He already knows! He is only trying to reveal it to you so you can deal with it. When a goldsmith puts gold ore in the fire, he already knows that there are impurities in the ore - but the fire will bring it to the surface.

Prosperity can reveal your true nature just as much as adversity can. A man's greed can be demonstrated by wealth just as much as it can be demonstrated by poverty.

Remember that the test doesn't teach you anything - it only reveals what you already know. In school, the test doesn't make you a good student or a bad student - it only reveals the kind of student you already are!

Crisis doesn't make anything of you - it only reveals your true essence. When you jolt a can coke will you pour out of it


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