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This World Spotlight was created on Feb 17, 2020 @ 02:51:29 pm

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Healing Sun Conflict Solutions




Compassion. Creativity. Collaboration. Bringing Clarity to Conflict.

Business and Employment Mediation

Conflicts in the workplace and in business can produce an incredible amount of stress and tension impacting well-being, health and peace of mind. By facilitating effective communication, the key to resolution, many problems can be resolved. Conflicts in the workplace and in business can produce an incredible amount of stress and tension impacting well-being, health and peace of mind. By facilitating effective communication, the key to resolution, many problems can be resolved including:



Elder Mediation

Decision-making around how to care for older adults can be complicated and conflicts during the course of an elder’s care can make both the elder and adults involved feel overwhelmed, confused and vulnerable. Fortunately, mediation provides an avenue towards clarity, self-empowerment and consideration of options and resources for everyone involved.

The following issues can be addressed:


76681728_2441000186017642_2638816069732532224_n (1).jpg

Autonomy and self-determination

Everyone can find mediation to be a more constructive avenue in solving disagreements. Attorneys, medical professionals, social workers, residence staff, relatives and children, spiritual care givers and friends can all find resolution and satisfaction with the help of a mediator.


Family and Divorce Mediation

The issues resolved in family mediation include:


Virtually anything can be discussed and desires can be expressed and assimilated into the final agreement as opposed to the divorce litigation process, where courts only have a handful of outcomes that can be granted. Litigation is also incredibly taxing and stressful on families as well as expensive and time consuming. Divorce attorneys may also have trouble getting past contentious issues in the process because they are not practiced in the art of negotiation and compromise. Family mediators can help at any time, even before the divorce process starts.


Mediation involves having constructive conversations about issues, both legal and nonlegal, that have not reached an agreement. It allows everyone the opportunity to voice their grievances and desires in a safe and impartial atmosphere and the freedom to express ideas for solutions that can be a part of the final agreement.


You control the process while the mediator acts as a guide, helping everyone move past moments that are stuck or in crisis. Mediation resolves problems and concerns in a way that is less worrisome and stressful while also saving money and time.



Anjali believes in understanding people and situations holistically and brings valuable lessons in balance and harmony to her work as a mediator and facilitator. She is also a counseling astrologer who provides life, relationship and career guidance and mediates conflicts through the lens of astrology when requested. As a lifelong learner, she is passionate about education and tutors high school students for the SAT exam.

Click here for SAT Preparation

Contact and Tutor.jpg




The Women’s Wellness Conference

Anjali’s hope is to empower and support you on your path to finding answers and healing. She views the natal chart as a map of your unique Life Path and her desire is to help you grasp your latent potentials and find meaning and perspective of the events and experiences in your life. She will address your concerns and questions by expanding on the dynamics and timelines shown in your chart and guiding you through any issues or additional questions you may have.



Astro Readings

* Soul/Life Personality:

Learn about your Soul karma, life potential, personal archetypes and unique gifts and challenges.

* Annual Transits:

Understand how transits in the coming year will affect you.

* Career, Creativity and Finance:

Are you struggling with making a career change and/or confused about what creative path to follow? Understand how to best manifest your potential, passions and true happiness.

* One-on-One Coaching:

Sometimes issues come up during a consult that could use more attention and one-on-one coaching is the perfect way to work through them.

* Birth Chart for Newborn:

Learn about your little One’s Soul nature and potential (similar to Soul/Life Personality).

* Work, Family & Home:

Discuss your marriage or relationship, career, creative path and home life.

* Focus on Relationships:

Receive guidance on a relationship you are struggling with or an interpersonal situation embedded with conflict.

* Composite Relationship/Synastry:

Understand the evolutionary intentions of your current relationship and how to grow past existing confrontations or generally support each other.

* Relationship Coaching:

Issues discussed during the Composite reading can be dealt with through conflict coaching.

Evolutionary Astrology (EA) focuses on the placement of Pluto and the nodes of the moon in the chart, which show the nature of one’s unconscious Soul desires, Soul history and the evolutionary intentions that must be evolved.

The beauty of EA is that it is not prediction based but instead aims to understand the psychological and behavioral patterns as well as the archetypes in the psyche. Anjali also use Hellenistic (Greco-Roman) astrology as a predictive method to understand what points in time are the most beneficial and fortunate.

Check out Anjali's Astro-Blog




Pittsburgh, PA & Philadelphia, PA


One World Blue Media Journalism Review of Anjali Soi and Sun Conflict Solutions:

By Len Estrin - Journalist for One World Blue


Sun Conflict Solutions. Bringing clarity to business and personal relationships.

"During times of conflict and confusion, people often see the world in terms of black and white, win or lose. Anjali Soi of Sun Conflict Solutions provides a comforting alternative, clarity, through a process called transformative mediation. “Transformative mediation differs greatly from traditional mediation. In a traditional mediation, each side holds a position and defends that position. The resulting atmosphere is competitive and adversarial. Achieving common ground becomes difficult."

Peace Dove.jpg

"The transformative approach addresses each person’s needs and interests as opposed to their positions. This allows key issues to be addressed, which facilitates cooperation and collaboration. Once each person’s true perspectives and emotions about the situation are uncovered, the solution can incorporate their various perspectives and needs.”

Mother Protection.jpg

"In a recent case, a client engaged an adviser to assist in forming a legal nonprofit. After both entered into an agreement, payment was advanced. While the nonprofit status was pending, the client decided to terminate the relationship and wanted the advisor to submit refund. The adviser disputed the termination and need to provide a refund. This was a typical situation where things could quickly get ugly and escalate in claims court."

Kenya Sunset.jpg

"Anjali’s approach was first to understand the client’s reasons behind the termination. A mediation between both parties revealed a misunderstanding around the agreement terms by client, as well as the depth of emotion and shock suffered by the advisor over the situation. Going beyond the facts, Anjali gently explored the feelings both had due to their mutual loss of friendship and partnership, and the client’s continuing difficulty with trusting others. This in-depth conversation led to the client closing her complaint."


"Anjali Soi and the staff at Sun Conflict Solutions can assist with contract and partnership disputes, joint venture agreements, family business succession planning, workplace accidents, and other situations. She relates, 'My background includes degrees in engineering and law, as well as training in conflict mediation. This enables me to understand complex business and technical issues. I do not provide legal advice, but I do get each of the parties to agree upon a solution that can be reviewed and endorsed, by their respective attorneys.”
"In addition to business issues, Ms. Soi helps individuals achieve harmony and clarity in their personal lives. So they can succeed in their roles as a parent, spouse, older son/daughter, and care-giver. She can also mediate in divorce proceedings and estate issues. 'Transformative mediation can help clients reduce the time and avoid the expense involved with going to court,” she notes."

Starry Falls.jpg

Anjali credits much of her success to her background in evolutionary astrology. 'Everyone is unique; [however], the position of the planets, and date and time associated with their birth combine distinctively to affect their approach to life. By evaluating their background, I can perceive where they are coming from and get a feel for potential, as well as their strengths and capabilities."

Nasa Black Hole.jpg

"I use that information to empower to achieve the results they seek in their personal or professional relationships or inner well-being.' For example, two sisters approached Anjali asking if they should enter into a business relationship. Anjali advised them on what types of business would be fruitful for them based on the astrological nature of their relationship. She also made suggestions on how they should interact and communicate with each other to keep tensions and disagreements at a minimum. After sisters expressed their abilities and goals, Anjali game them specific guidance to help both sisters achieve their goals according to their individual dispositions."

One World Blue.jpg

To learn more about Anjali Soi and Sun Conflict Solutions, visit www.anjalisoi.com

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