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This World Spotlight was created on Feb 2, 2016 @ 11:18:53 pm

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Mar 4, 2016 @ 03:49pm

Happy Birthday Shalom Ben Tzadik Ben Yacov. Your light and truth is bringing Peace to the world. Thank you for the time we spent today!!!

Mar 4, 2016 @ 03:41pm

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Teachers A Tribute to Sholom

Mother Protection.jpg

To my friend Sholom,

Who has meant more to me and inspired me than he or anyone will ever know....
From Sholom's original writings:

The New World

We have the here & now, which is the essence;

the past & the future too.

Until now, we have been in exile - gulus, after

the redemption, or the judgement, we will have

- gaula, or the new world.

A world of peace, where the righteous will prosper

& the wicked will glare for all to see, in their iniquity.

Miracles, the third temple & the resurrection of the

dead, are all elements of this glorious change.

More G-dliness, can be seen now as we approach

this metamorphosis; albeit it's tumultuous, so as it

is with all great change.

Now is the time for tomorrow, the new reality -

" For we will have been as dreamers "...



This link is to the first site that was created in 2006 with the co-founding of One World Blue.

It has thus now evolved into a worldwide community for good with the network of Blupela.com

The sentiments and teachings of this original site do not mean to be indicative of the corporation as it is today. You may see now however, where the beginnings of the movement began to create this dynamic network and future networks that the corporation will be building. We are doing so to help facilitate greater Global Communication and Understanding between each other for Common Good.

I choose to explain this now with this current spotlight I am posting today because of my wishes to honor my Friend Sholom, who has made a tremendous difference in my life over many years with his Hope, Patience, Wisdom and Inspirations. This post from Sholom's original work almost ten years ago, is not being posted by me to indicate any intention or belief of our corporation, but rather only being posted by me to honor my friend. The link will take you to our original site that was originally named One World Blue. This site you may see at the link above will be transformed into the network of ThePleasantWay.com in the future.

As you will understand, One World Blue Corporation has grown and transformed into many things and will continue as the corporation evolves and grows with the work of Social and Planetary Healing for Good.

The system of Blupela.com will be replicated and licensed to create similar networks that will unite with each other and also connect in the common network, Blupela.com, which represents the collective network for all people and cultures.

Future networks will include networks also specific to each of the major religions of the world and different cultures, so as to give each unique representative group their own space to connect and relate, while at the same time simultaneously post, discuss and cross-reference on the main network of Blupela.com.

The link above is to ThePleasantWay.com which is the network for Judaism.

The other future networks to be created and established in conjunction with the guidance of respective and honored community members and leaders from the particular religion or culture will include, but not limit to:

thegracefulway.com A Christian Network

thepleasantway.com A Jewish Network

thewayofcompassion.com A Buddhist Network

thewayofgiving.com A Hindu Network

thewayofnonviolence.com A Jain Network

thewayofbrotherhood.com A Muslim network

These Networks and future ones will be designed to bring together non-violent communication for:

    Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Jains, Muslims, Native Americans,  
    Sikhs, Taoists, Shinto, Confucianism, Baha’i faiths and many many others 

[to numerous to include, but so very very much as equally important.]

We are all connected. Our goal …Create and Achieve greater unity and peace in our world. For all people, all cultures, all religions to use together and work toward creating a better world.
Interactive and interconnected social networks where you can lift, vote, or even contribute to heart-felt causes of personal interest.

There will also be opportunities to license our software to create networks specific to people and culture's interest such as a Native American Network, African, Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Caribbean, and other cultures, regions and/or sub-denominations of Religions. These opportunities will be to license our work and create other networks to interact and facilitate communication and internal harmony between people and groups with the tools that the corporation has created.

The Main Network of Blupela.com, The One World Blue Network, is becoming known as The Social Network for Social and Planetary Healing and Change. We are not trying to compete with Facebook or other media sites like Twitter. We have a specific niche and that niche is a place where people can come for good in the world and to effect positive change in our society and the Planet. It is also our goal with the five modules in the site to create greater unity in our world and help further the causes of peace where it can be achieved.

If you can imagine that networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter converge in one place but for the purposes of and power of Good, that is Blupela.com.

It is important to note that we have both the interactive social network and a voting structure, we call Lift, which is built and fused within the main content of the site. This is something that in the area of Crowdfunding, our competitors do not have. Our network allows followers to Stand and Unite around causes and/or profiles. We also have plans to build two store sites to go along with the social network. One will showcase Fair Trade products with a multi-culture and world theme. The other will be about Green and Eco friendly products to help Mother Earth. Along this theme we will also have an online educational site about Green Consciousness and Education. It will be called oneworldgreenliving.com . All of this will be under the umbrella of our corporation One World Blue, LLC.

The Link you may find on ThePleasantWay.com that will take you to the OneWorldBlueStore is to the store that operated from 2006 through 2009 when we sold various products to customers worldwide as well the One World Blue Portal Program which was a portal system we designed and operated under the concepts of Affiliate Marketing.

PLEASE NOTE: This store, although you may see it now with ThePleasantWay link, is not currently operational but has been preserved in its design until we release the future online stores and portal system to accompany our networks.

The main site is called Blupela.com, The One World Blue Good Network. It is for all people and all cultures and religions to use together and work toward creating a better world. Each of the faith based or culture networks, which will have a subtitle of “A One World Blue Network”, will have four of the five main modules that are part of Blupela.com.

They are:

1) Crowdfunding initiatives

2) Light on the World (spotlighting individuals who have done something good and positive in society, transforming the planet, and/or bringing social and global issues to light which need attention thru social media)

3) Light of Culture (spotlights to showcase the light cultures bring to the world for the purpose of cultural appreciation and celebrating diversity

4) Overture to Peace (Conflict resolutions between people and groups with online media).

These Networks are being Created to:

Facilitate Understanding and Communication for All Sentient Beings and Help Create a Brighter World.

For any questions about our work, they may be addressed to me, Joel Pirchesky MPPM, CEO, President and Founder of One World Blue, LLC.

I may be reached at


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