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This World Spotlight was created on Jan 24, 2020 @ 04:14:40 pm

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Rights Malawi Empowerment for Girls Education



A Rumphi Residents Association Project


Parents offer very little support to girl child as they are culturally corrupted with a belief that a girl is for marriage and a boy is for education. Inadequate support to girl child has greatly affected their education life as they indulge in promiscuity to get their basic needs like food, clothing and even school fees to some point. There is too much school dropout, the annual school dropout is at 55%, there is early marriages, early pregnancies, HIIV/AIDS infection, death and some girls discontinue their education due to problem of school fees as parents fail to take responsibilities.

The child right law lacks mechanisms to enforce and 99% of the total population is ignorant of this law. The government and its responsible ministries play a very little role to sensitize the community on issues of child rights including the girl child.

This project will engage the girls, parents and teachers in a platform where strategies to address the situation will be provided by themselves. Girls will openly share their problems, and engage the parents and teachers in a more lobbying way for deliberate effort to support their education life. The goal of the project is, 95%of girls getting secondary and tertiary education through increased parental support.


We anticipate a reduction on issue of early marriages, pregnancies and HIV/AIDS and other STIs infection. Increased number of girls attending secondary education and improved parent, teacher relationship.


The project will directly target 300 girls from these secondary schools, 200 parents and 12 head teachers for a start and indirectly 10,000 people will learn from this interventions and change for the better.


This is a one year project from the date of commencement and after an evaluation; the donor will decide to continue with the project rolling out to other constituencies.


1. We are in need of $3000 for the girls seminar meetings where parents, teacher and students will engage and discuss problems facing the girls child.

2. We have a plan to provide bicycles to girls who are walking a distance of 10 to 15 kilometers every day and this has a budget of $5000 for 50 bicycles.

3. We are also planning to $6000 to construct girls bathrooms for the 6 surrounding schools.

For More Information please Email the Director of the Rumphi School Project, Moir Walita at:


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