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This World Spotlight was created on Aug 8, 2018 @ 02:26:48 pm

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Jul 21, 2021 @ 01:30am

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Rights True family man being falsely accused of a crime he did not commit


Zeev Guenniche


A caring man and loving father, Zeev Guenniche lives in San Diego, California. With very little knowledge of English,he began working at a local retail store and within 3 months became manager of three of their stores. He began night school, taking classes in English, plumbing, general construction and management. 399456_234134116660627_1210444875_n.jpg523606_10152202997095161_1068771670_n.jpg

In 2002, he purchased his first house in the area of San Diego State University and opened and became CEO of ZR Construction Company. He began with a small clientele building and remodeling their homes. In 2004, he continued to purchase and invest in properties in the SDSU area. He became involved in property management and began renting homes to students.

His linguistic skills allowed him to establish strong relationships with exchange students, making him a heavily involved contact for exchange students from Europe.

In 2004,Omega Realty Management, inc in San Diego was born. It is a full service real estate company, managing investment property, providing professional construction management services for remodeling and preparing property to sell or rent and serving all real estate needs. He was in real estate investment for the company and served as its CEO. In July 2013 he became the Regional Coordinator of Property Preservation & Repairs NREOS.com. In October 2016 he became a senior partner at Movie Match. He was owner of GS PROPERTY MANG, inc of the Greater San Diego Area. He was also CEO of it from 2000-2009.


On the 6 of July 2018 the fire department of San Diego had him arrested for arson because his ex-wife told them he set fire to his home. On the 9 of July at 8.00 am she went to the court house and filed a restraining order against him to stay away from his 5 children. His ex-wife told the court he was with the kids at the house when the fire happened. The children said he did not do it and he was in their presence the entire time.


His ex was trying to stay at the property. She said he wanted her to leave the property. She believes he is the owner. The owner has a lease that started on 8/1/18. He is not the owner. He was trustee of the property. It was an investment property. As a trustee of the property he gave back the keys to the owner.


He was picking up his things since he gave up his trusteeship. No one was able to remain at the house because he had to give the keys to the owner.


On the 23rd of July the judge asked his ex if she would like to extend the restraining order till September 3. She was surprised and said yes. Zeev was walking out of the courthouse and came to the parking lot. He saw his ex and three girlfriends of hers celebrating. This is when he realized he was framed by his ex-wife. He paid $15000 for bail because of her false accusation.

She had said she will do everything to hurt him. She had wanted to remarry him and he did not want to so she has continued to try to hurt him. He has helped out many people with charity and assisted his community in many ways. People are supportive of him knowing he is not capable of doing what he is accused of. He is a true family man and he loves children more than anything. He had no reason in the world to do what he is falsely accused of.


She knows his relationship is very tight with his children. He and his children are very attached to each other. It is very difficult for the children not to see their father. Yes he was framed but it’s the kids being denied access to their father because of his ex’s choice, who are being punished the most because of the dysfunctional relationship between their parents. He is not a dangerous criminal and it’s only because of her request to remove him from the children’s lives that he and his children are apart. They have lived with him all the time. He does not have good attorney representation and he needs good legal help. Please help him get good legal help for his sake and his childrens.


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