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This World Spotlight was created on Jun 20, 2016 @ 10:57:04 pm

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Music Prince


I'm saddened to say that I really discovered Prince for myself after he passed away this year in May. It's a bitter sweetness as the bitterness is in the loss of him physically on earth, and the joy is in the discovery of this man and his music for myself since then. Being born in 1981 I was certainly familiar with some of the most recognizable HITS he had through those years, including Purple Rain, Red Corvette, Let's go Crazy, and 1999, as well as the fact the he was a great guitarist who i needed hear much more of; but I was really ignorant of what he was up too. His passing in May sparked my interest in his music and in him as a person and of course with the internet and access to incredible amounts of information at our finger tips, there was so much to be heard and seen. First of all, what an incredible musician and I wish I was more aware to what extent of a naturally gifted all around musician he was. He played so many instruments and all of them well, a prodigious and inventive musician and artist. What I also got really into doing was going back and watching many interviews with him over a number of years and I was very touched by his humility, kindness, caring nature, and modesty which is a bit at odds seemingly with his early stage persona. He was a very spiritual person, honest and open about his chosen religious views as he became a jehovah's witness post 2000, but as I understand always was very religious. A thoughtful and generous person, concerned for the world, concerned for his audience, concerned about having a positive influence, a fascinating person to watch and listen too. So with this spotlight I pay tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson may his soul be at peace and may his memory be for a blessing. Below are some performances and interviews, enjoy!:

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