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This World Spotlight was created on May 1, 2020 @ 07:27:25 pm

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Teachers Numerology for Enlightened Living

LaVerne Baker Hotep (2).jpg

Numerology for Enlightened Living




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LaVerne Baker Hotep, is founder of Verna Darnel, Intl., a consultancy specializing in numerological forecasting and analysis. She is also a member of the UK-based Internationales Numerolgues. Finally, as a family development specialist for the Allegheny County Family Support Center, LaVerne utilizes her many talents, as well as her social and historical trauma training as a tools to empower families in Pittsburgh, Liberia and the Sudan.



I’m LaVerne Baker Hotep, Numerology Practitioner, human potential specialist and founder of Verna Darnel International, a consultancy specializing in helping women and girls recognize their innate abilities, expand their creative potential, and align with their personal and universal soul purpose through Numerology. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, community educator and peace advocate. And among my many other endeavors, also a performing artist, radio talk show producer and host.


I have used numerology to guide my decisions in every aspect of my life and I have helped empower hundreds of clients by revealing the meanings of names, dates and cycles. I have found it to be a powerful self-help tool, affirming our own inner whispers of wisdom. My unique approach combines Numerology and Intuition to create a profound synthesis of both ancient and spiritual sciences, providing insightful and inspiring consultations.


“Understanding of the language of numbers can provide insight into any person, place or thing in the Universe.”

- LaVerne Baker Hotep

In addition to teaching a much sought after Numerology class at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Lifelong Learning, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I offer private readings, group workshops and lectures, and address all things numerological my Internet radio program, Numerology for Enlightened Living©.


Numerology for Enlightened Living




Sign up for my email list and receive 20% off your next reading!


- LaVerne Baker Hotep



An ancient technology that uses numbers to map the soul's purpose and show the way to a fulfilling life


Numerology is an ancient technology that uses numbers to map the soul's purpose and show the way to a fulfilling life. Numerology uses a person’s name and birthdate to form a profile. The letters are converted to numbers. The numbers represent a blueprint of the divine plan that was created before we were born. That plan indicates the natural talents, skill and abilities we possess and reveals what we will learn and what we may experience during our lifetime. Primarily a self-help tool, numerology provides a way to gain greater awareness and understanding into our inner being and true nature. Having a greater insight into our strengths and weaknesses will help us in every aspect of our lives.



A numerology profile is a personalized aid to help you appreciate and plan your life from a place of deeper understanding. It will give you information about yourself and your destiny that can help you realize your full potential and get the most out of life.

Learn More

Alice Walker.jpg

Alice Walker & LaVerne Baker Hotep

"I am grateful for the insight provided in a reading by LaVerne Baker Hotep, master numerologist that adds depth and color to areas of my past and present life. This ancient, often overlooked Science, Numerology, highly valuable yet unknown to far too many people who could certainly use it, can lead to a greater sense of direction in one’s appreciation of existence and activity in the world."

- Alice Walker, author of "the color purple"

"Your presentation was well-received. Thanks to you, our audience learned how this ancient science can be used as a tool to better understand the themes and patterns of life.

- Helen M. Palascak, Director, Upper St. Clair Library

"I thought the class was so interesting. I learned so much about myself through numerology. LaVerne is so knowledgeable; I want to learn more about the subject! Excellent class. I have learned so much about myself. You are so helpful!"
Student from class at Carnegie Mellon University
"My reading not only confirmed what I knew to be my natural talents and purpose in life, but gave me a level of comfort in pursuing my true calling."
- Kesi, Pittsburgh, PA
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