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This World Spotlight was created on Jul 11, 2019 @ 02:02:33 pm

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"I'm so pleased to have joined One World Blue. Their professionalism is awesome.They have brought me into the Family and made me feel so welcome. I was struggling to do what I have always dreamed of since I first heard Rock and Roll. I am in the Company of so many prominent individuals now that it amazes me. the writing by Russell Johnson, the spiritual tone of my conversations with Joel and the awesome website introduction put together by Bernard are excellent. I stand amazed and Blessed to be involved here at One world with all of you. Thanks again for propelling me forward to reach my Destiny. It seems that God had plans before I was BORN. had planned before I was Born. Jeremiah, Chapter 1 says how God called " Jeremiah to be a prophet to the Nations. The Lord has given me a call and Gift to use Music to reach the Blue Planet with a message of Peace And Love...Thanks to Ringo and Paul of The Beatles for inspiring me to start writing and performing music. Thanks, One World Blue" Alan Blade Country Music

Aug 28, 2019 @ 03:14pm


Aug 8, 2019 @ 08:39pm

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Music The Music of Alan Blade


Alan Blade



Alan Blade is not your typical Country Music artist - not that "typical" country artists are easy to find these days.

Alan hails from the Detroit area and was raised on the music of Bob Seger and Glenn Frey even being neighbors with Kid Rock for a while. His music's rough-edged Americana feel fits perfectly with the his affinity for today's contemporary country music.

ALAN BLADE COVER-page-001 (1).jpg


Many artists tend to be pigeon-holed into one class of music or another; Alan Blade is not that type of artist. He can be reminiscent of Johnny Cash and classic Lynard Skynard at the same time.

One will also notice that Alan's tunes often carry a strong spiritual feel that signifies a strong message of hope and faith. We are living in times where hope and faith are needed greatly and Alan hopes to extend that message.


Alan has performed at legendary venues in Detroit such as The Grande Ballroom, The Masonic Auditorium now called The Jack White Theater of the White Stripes, Belle Isle and Grosse Ille.

He also appeared on Television in Toronto as well as many other numerous appearances playing Bass. He has opened for legendary greats as Dion, formerly with the Belmonts, in Allen Park, and has played Bass for the Gospel Singer Beverly Glenn!

FedEx Scan 2019-07-10_10-28-52-page-001.jpg

Currently relocating to Nashville to put the final touches on his second album. Once released, Alan will be back to his troubadour days touring the country to keep his music alive and continue to increase his growing fan-base. If you find yourself lucky enough to experience the passion of Alan Blade live, take advantage - you won't be sorry.



To sample some more of Alan's music check out this link here on ReverbNation!


One World Blue is proud to be associated with such a talented and positive man.


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