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This World Spotlight was created on Nov 29, 2018 @ 06:56:35 pm

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Healing Sports Injury Prevention

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…the Athlete's Performance Advantage


Strength / Endurance / Power / Speed

Accuracy / Coordination / Balance

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Muscle imbalances in Strength, Endurance and Power.

Every athlete has unknown muscle imbalances!
These imbalances result in decreased performance, and
often times lead to a common or catastrophic sports injury.

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Our muscle testing technology precisely identifies the
muscle imbalances, and we consult with the athlete's
coaches and trainers regarding the treatment protocols to
correct the muscle imbalances and lower the risk of injury.

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CONTACT: Dr. Wm. C. Wetmore


You May Also Email Us at sportspti5@gmail.com

Copyright 2016 Sports Performance Technologies

QUESTION: Have you ever seen an athlete “blow-out”

both hamstrings, or both ACLs at the same time?

Of course not… But, why not?

ANSWER: Deficits in muscle Strength, Endurance, and Power results in the failure of the muscles to stabilize joints.
The Power category measures the muscle's ability to perform work over time... that is, it measures the muscle's “work capacity”.
When the work capacity of a muscle has been depleted, and the athlete is performing at, or near peak performance, the athlete will suffer a catastrophic failure of the muscle or joint.

These imminent risk factors are Predictable, they are Measurable, and they are Preventable.

Sports Performance Technologies initial test results document the functional and physical deficits and injury risk factors, and the follow-up test results document the progress resulting from appropriate treatment and exercise based on the test results.

PREVENTION: Based on the “work capacity” deficits, recommend specific muscle and joint corrective exercises that will strengthen the muscles and stabilize the joints, thereby preventing a catastrophic sports injury.

CONCLUSION: Every serious athlete should be tested!

You may contact Sports Performance Technologies by calling 412-377-2426.

You May Also Email Us at sportspti5@gmail.com

Newly discovered technology in sports injury prevention is now available to every athlete.
With this new technology, sports injuries are now Predictable…
they are Measurable… and they are Preventable.
No other existing technology is capable of Predicting sports injuries.

New Bitmap Image.jpg

PREDICTABLE: Computer analysis of test results from advanced muscle testing identifies specific muscle imbalances that reveal sports injury risk factors. These risk factors, if not corrected, often times result in common, or catastrophic sports injuries.

MEASURABLE: Precise left and right measurements of a muscles' Peak Force Strength – Endurance – and Power imbalances, accurately identify sports injury risk factors, as well as, Predict where the sports injury is likely to occur.

The power category is key in the Prediction of a sports injury, as it measures the muscle's work capacity.

When a muscles' work capacity has been depleted, and the athlete is performing at, or near peak performance, the athlete will suffer a common, or, catastrophic sports injury.

PREVENTABLE: Athletes with identified sports injury risk factors should begin a Prehab exercise program, designed to correct the imbalances in the muscles' Peak force Strength – Endurance – and Power...

AND, follow-up testing will accurately measure the athletes progress.


When the imbalances have been corrected , the athlete can perform at a higher level of Peak Performance, with minimal injury risk factors.

CONCLUSION: Every serious athlete should be tested.

New Bitmap Image.jpg

With today’s increased attention on sports safety and reduced risk of injury, we desperately needed a way to identify and monitor sports injury risk factors.

Sports Performance Technologies (SPT) has developed the technology to test and identify the specific muscle imbalances and restricted joint motion that often results in decreased performance and increased risk of injury.

SPT Evaluation and Performance Testing takes only 20 minutes.

And, you will receive a printed copy of your SPT test results along with specific exercises designed to improve your child’s performance deficits.

Progress testing is available, and is recommended when strength, endurance, power or motion deficits have been identified.

SPT Performance Testing is compliant with current AMA Impairment Guides and is safe and effective.
Athlete Performance Testing Includes:

Left and Right Comparison Testing for…

• Muscle Strength

• Muscle Endurance

• Muscle Power

• Joint Motion

• Flexibility


• Balance

• Speed

• Endurance

• Coordination

...for a safer and better performing athlete!

To schedule testing for individuals, groups or teams… Call 412.377.2426

You May Also Email Us at sportspti5@gmail.com

Athlete’s Name _______________________ Age ____ M F Date of Test _______ I P
Street _______________________________ City __________________ Zip _______
Telephone ______________ Cell ______________ Email _______________________
Team ________________________ Best time to call: Day _________ Time ________


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