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This World Spotlight was created on Oct 15, 2018 @ 02:35:59 pm

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Rights Animals Angels: Exposing the inhumane treatment of Dogs including practices at Puppy Mills, Low-end Dog Auctions and Flea Markets, and cruel euthanasia methods.


Animals’ Angels Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in Maryland with full-time investigators working in the United States to fight animal abuse, expose cruelty and improve conditions.

Animals' Angels, Inc.

PO Box 1056

Westminster, MD 21158

E-mail: support@animalsangels.org

Office: 443-821-3343

Fax: 443-821-3349

2012_7_21_Mt Hope Auction_OH (3).JPG

Among our extensive and important work at Animals Angels, we conduct undercover investigations at puppy mills, low-end dog auctions and flea markets,and we also work to ban the gas chamber as a method of euthanasia for shelter dogs across the country.

"It was in part thanks to our work that the notorious Farmerstown puppy mill auction in Ohio closed their doors for good."- Sonja Meadows

Warning: Some photos used in this spotlight are quite graphic, please use your own caution when viewing further.

dog in filthy cage_dealing dogs.jpg

Puppy Mills: What you need to know:

The sad truth is that we live in a world where numerous facilities exist that directly or indirectly contribute to perpetuating animal abuse. Puppy mills are a perfect example. It is here that dogs are literally mass produced so that the breeders can rake in as much profit from the offspring as possible. Right now there are anywhere between 2,000 and 3,000 USDA-licensed breeders operating in the United States. Some of these operations can be so large that they contain 1,000 breeding dogs at the same time. What's not included in that figure is the number of unlicensed puppy mills that exist; the ones the USDA has not approved and does not know about.

lifeless golden doodle puppy.jpg

Where do the puppies that come out of these mills end up? As quickly as five weeks after birth many are shipped off to pet shops while others are sold directly from the owner to buyers through the internet, newspaper ads, at swap meets, and at roadside auctions and open air flea markets.

Dog  close up.jpg

Currently Missouri is the top puppy mill state in the country with other states following close behind. While the highest concentration of puppy mills is in the Midwest they have been spreading nationwide even as far as upstate New York and into the Great Lakes Region. The largest puppy broker in the country is believed to be Missouri's Hunte Corporation which ships approximately 80,000 puppies per year to pet stores nationwide.

dogs kept in pens.jpg

Dog Auctions & Flea Markets: The last resource for disreputable breeders:

With the USDA now regulating the sale of puppies over the internet by commercial breeders, flea markets are one of the last unregulated marketplaces for puppy sellers to offload their “product” without interference from government agencies. Disreputable sellers have identified this niche and have been stepping up their presence at flea markets across the country to evade unwanted detection from authorities.


The puppy sellers at flea markets usually don't travel with the parents of the puppies. The buyer has very little information about the puppy and must trust what the seller tells them. The propensity to lie is unavoidable and unpunishable. This is why flea markets are the perfect sales venues for dealers who have something to hide and also why several states, including Louisiana, Nevada and Oklahoma, have instituted new laws that restrict selling pets at flea markets, at swap meets, along roadsides, or at similar public venues.


Imagine a small, squalid room with tiny wire crates stacked on top of each other all the way up to the ceiling. Now imagine those crates packed full of dogs standing in their own feces and urine. Just thinking about the smell makes my stomach churn! This is a sad reality for so many dogs. This is the life they know. They deserve so much better.

pups in cages_logo.jpg

Despite the atrocious and unsanitary conditions, the female dogs are expected to somehow have puppies in these disgusting conditions, because more puppies mean more money. The maltreated females are bred fifteen to twenty times and have up to ten pups in a litter. The poor males have it no better. All in the name of profit.

Gas Chambers, immoral and inhumane dog euthanasia:

"We are working to ban the gas chambers as method of euthanasia for shelter dogs across the country. It is a very inhumane way to kill these poor animals and there are still at least three states that have shelters that actively use this method. (Utah, Wyoming and Nevada) 20 states have no ban, but no active chambers that we know of. However, that does not mean that they don’t exist somewhere in these states. Part of our work is to find and expose private shelters that still use gas, which is a difficult task since there are hundreds of private shelters that are under no obligation to disclose the use of a gas chamber.

exercise area with no solid flooring.jpg

"Gas chambers cannot provide a “good death” for any animal, since they may begin experiencing painful effects of the gas before losing consciousness. Many dogs and cats will suffer immense stress just by being placed in the dark, small, unfamiliar environment of a gas chamber, especially when being put in there together with other animals. Lots of them panic due to the smells, the sounds and the confined space. It also puts shelter workers at risk of being bitten and scratched when the animals try to fight them when being put into the chamber."- Sonja Meadows of Animals Angels

Please contact us and visit our very extensive site to discover how you can help us in this great mission!

Animals' Angels, Inc.

PO Box 1056

Westminster, MD 21158

E-mail: support@animalsangels.org

Office: 443-821-3343

Fax: 443-821-3349






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