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This World Spotlight was created on Aug 2, 2017 @ 11:40:24 pm

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Teachers The Seer of Brooklyn

Rav Kimmel.jpg

The One World Blue Corporation is honored to have many diversified advisors that have helped throughout the many years of bringing this network to life, give guidance, support and encouragement and also most importantly their very much needed heartfelt prayers for the success of the corporation to move forward.

When I first met Rav Kimmel in 2007, he told me in our meeting that I was on to something when I discussed my work of One World Blue with him. This was several years before the plans to build the social network began and I was only working with a small online site that sold products. He told me to stick with it and it will become something.

Thank you Rav Kimmel for your blessing and advice and thank you for the visits we have had over the yeas since then. You are a trusted advisor to our Corporation and this network.

Bracha V Hatzlacha and Orichus Yamim V Shanim (Blessings and Success and Long Days and Life)

My best,

Naphtali Chaim Ben Alta Chaya Mulka

Joel Pirchesky

CEO and Founder One World Blue, LLC

The following is retrieved from:

What Makes Rabbi Kimmel a Really Special Mekubal?

To decribe Rabbi Yitzchak Kimmel as a Mekubal is really an injustice. There are many legitimate Mekubalim but Rabbi Kimmel has been acknowledged as an Elite Mekubal who reallly exists in a class by himself. These are not just my words, these are words echoed by world class known Mekubalim like the Kamanah Rebbe (Rav Matis and his family.) Rabbi Avrohom Moyal, and many other world class Mekubalim who not only are stunned by his ability to see, but have actually asked him for personal advice as well.

For one thing, Rabbi Yitzchak Kimmel has never needed anyone to open Holy books, never calculates Gematria (numbers,) never looks at palms or foreheads or needs to to "see deeply" into any person. He needs no "Shaimos" (Holy Names) to operate. His abilities are completely natural.

It's uncanny to watch him work. I can start talking about a person and before I even mention the persons name, he is able to give me details about the person. Even though I have observed him thousands of times over the years, I am still amazed.

Recently, I told him about a girl my son was dating and he immediately told me "Mazel Tov, She will be his Kallah (fiance & bride.)" Well they got engaged within 2 weeks and wedding plans are now in progress.

This natural ability to see to see to this extent is shared by not more than 5 to 10 Mekubalim worldwide. However, Rabbi Kimmel can do far more than see. Rabbi Kimmel can actually change your Mazel. As I continue posting I will give examples of his ability to literally change your life.

For now, suffice it to say that I have seen this happen hundreds of times.

Rabbi Kimmel Gets a Sefer Torah Completed

Rabbi Kimmel was devastated when he heard that Rabbi Eliyahu Alfasi ztzl passed away on Errev Rosh Hashono. During the summer of that year, Rabbi Kimmel heard that it was the Rabbanit Alfasi's wish to have a Sefer Torah Dedicated to the Shul Rabbi Alfasi davened in within a year.

It looked like this was not to be because she simply couldn't raise the money for it.. When Rabbi Kimmel heard about it he immediately placed a call to Rabbanit Alfasi and told her he would not only pay for the Torah to be written but would pay for the case ($17.000.00 plus) and the entire Hachnossas Sefer Torah as well.

Boruch Hashem, the mission was accomplished on time and Rabbanit Alfasi and family honored Rabbi Kimmel as the guest honor because of the long term love between Rabbi Alfasi ztzl and Rabbi Kimmel and because he honored Rabbi Alfasi ztzl far more than anyone else.

Rabbi Kimmel and The Elite Mekubalim

Rabbi Yitzchak Kimmel is a member of a very rare circle of Mekubalim. He is one of the few that was welcomed into this group by well known Mekubalim (I've mentioned their names before but so many people called them about Rabbi Kimmel that they asked if I could remove their names so that they don't have to spend hours a week talking about Rabbi Kimmel. I will be posting testimony from people who were directly helped by Rabbi Kimmel instead.)

Let's just say this. When the renowned Rabbi Dovid Abuchatzera (the most famous of the Baba Sali's grandsons,) needs an impossible Yeshua to be done, one of the few Mekubalim he turns to is this Rabbi. So, when a person like this makes it a point to speak to Rabbi Kimmel 6 to 7 times a week to consult or just talk to him... well that tells you a lot about how highly Rabbi Kimmel is regarded by the highest circle of elite Mekubalim.

Rabbi Yitzchak Kimmel and an elite group of Mekubalim regularly consult each other and even work together to save the most difficult cases and situations in Klall Yisroel.

Rav Kimmel.jpg

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