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This World Spotlight was created on Nov 25, 2016 @ 09:17:33 pm

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I like these statements. They fit my philosophy.

Jun 4, 2017 @ 10:48pm

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Healing Overture to Peace


Overture to Peace Campaign


We at One World Blue are Promoting peaceful coexistence among all races, religions, ethnicities, and tribes.

We are an advocacy to eradicate racism, bigotry, segregation, sexism and violence.


A Tabernacle of Peace that shields the oppressed, marginalized and the weak.

At One World Blue we are designing tools for all people worldwide to be able to communicate online and work toward establishing peaceful relations with one another.


Steps in achieving Peace entail the following:

1) A statement to begin the conversation as user reaches out to the person he or she wants to make peace with.

“I would like to make peace with you and engage in an online conversation to begin our process”.

“Do you want to engage in an online conversation with me?”

2) To say, “First of all, I am truly sorry for my part in our disagreement. It pains me.

3) To begin the process once both parties are engaged, To chat briefly about what our disagreement was and then how we can take steps to resolve it.

Participants must go thru the process of exchange of the issues. Person who has made the request goes first.

4) Have choice to say how it impacts them.

5) Find the common goals. “What are our common goals and solutions?”

I will list mine and you then list yours.

Offer acknowledgements and praise for the person they are engaging to make peace with.

6) “How can we move forward with our mutual goals and solutions?”

“I will tell you my suggestions….”

7) Reiterates “I truly want to make peace with you. I care about you as my ___________ (brother, sister, friend, etc…)

8) Close by saying a final statement and then finalizing the agreement.

“My love and concern is for you. So our agreement is _______________”.


Also in the peace process give encouraging coaching statements along the way such as:

“Let go of pride”

“Aim to reconcile and not win”

“Be honest but respectful”


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