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This World Spotlight was created on May 31, 2016 @ 02:31:08 pm

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Your grandfather is surely aiding you from heaven and feeling your love and sending you his.

Jun 7, 2016 @ 01:40am

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Elders Chaim Ben Avigdor



This is the beginning of My Spotlight for my Zadie (Grandfather) Chaim Ben Avigdor, Hyman Ziff, OBM, who passed away when I was 13. He taught me many things during the time I knew him. I also have realized he has not been very far since then....

I have built this business of One World Blue, LLC on his desk which he used as well for his business. It is made of Solid Oak :) He was a contractor and builder. He was a great carpenter and a great man.


During Christmas, even though we were Jewish, he would sing Christmas Carols on his Organ and also give gifts to his workers and even those who served his house from the city, i.e. the mail delivery, sanitation engineers, and any one else he was able to give to.


Zadie Hy was also President of our congregation for many years, Bnai Emunoh, which means Children of Faith. I have gone to shul (synagogue) there since I was young, with old timers of the shul who have since passed, such as Harry Storh and Milton Zelkowitz, as well as with my Bubbie (Grandma) and my Aunt Bebe as they played Bingo when I was young in the social hall. The members were even able to pay off the building of the synagogue and help with operations and endowment from the bingo and community volunteers who helped run it. The Power of Good Team Work!!!

My Zadie was also a proud Mason as well as a Shriner. He gave back his success to many people.

He was also a great musician as I have aready partially noted and he had a band when he was younger called Hy Ziff and The Melody Boys.

I will be posting pictures of things which he either gave as gifts to me or my family, or made himself with his own hands in his workshop in his basement and backyard wood shed, as well as pictures of my Zadie and our Family.

Some History

The Ziff's came from Kovno, Lithuania, just over the bridge from Vilna. My family tree has been researched extensively by our cousin Simon Ziff. Our family at some point also married into the Vilna Goan's family. He was an important Rabbi that lived several centuries ago.

Part of the Ziff family moved to England and my family moved to the US. In England, our relatives co-founded Marks and Spencer Department Store. Co-Founded by Baron Israel Sieff (name was changed from Ziff to Sieff) and Simon Marks. Marks and Spencer originally started out with Penny Bazaars. Our family back in Kovno, I am told by my Aunt Natalie, were originally horse traders and also had a trading post. Business has been in our family :) [On both of my sides].

So more to come soon, but I wanted to start this spotlight and I will add more photos and information with time.

Thank you for looking and reading into our family history. I believe that Ancestry is important and should be respected, honored and upheld.

Now Some History with Photos :)


Our Family Record Album

(Made by Zadie Hy)


Family Tanach (Bible)


Corsage my Zadie gave my Bubbie:

20160616_161811 (640x480).jpg


My Zadie's Trumpet:

(Picture of my Zadie and siblings in background with Flag)

20160616_163711 (640x480).jpg

My Bubbbie's Father's Machzor (For High Holiday Services) and also his Tefillin (Phylactries)

[Machzor is from Lublin, Poland 1878]


Family Kiddush Cups (For Sanctifying Shabbat Sabbath)


My Zadie's Shalom Plaque

20160616_165321 (640x480).jpg

Some of Zadie's work tools and personal items:


My best,



Naphtali Ziff

[Naphtali Chaim ben Alta Chaya Mulka]

Founder and CEO of One World Blue, LLC
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