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This World Spotlight was created on May 24, 2016 @ 03:09:01 pm

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Freedom Social and Planetary Healing: Arab Spring


How Social Media can be harnessed for Social and Planetary Healing:




Arab Spring refers to the democratic uprisings that arose independently and spread across the Arab world in 2011. The movement originated in Tunisia in December 2010 and quickly took hold in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

The term was previously used beginning in March 2005 by numerous media commentators to suggest that a spin-off benefit of the invasion of Iraq would be the flowering of Western-friendly Middle East democracies.

To Learn more about the history of the Arab Spring and how Social Media can be used for positive change in our World, you may visit here:



Please also watch some of these videos:

You may also post your feelings about helping Positive Social Change for Social and Planetary Healing here on Blupela.com, The One World Blue Network

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