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This World Spotlight was created on Apr 26, 2016 @ 04:27:52 pm

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Healing The Doves of Nemerov


Echoes of the Massacre of Nemerov


In Kremenitz he found Yeshivah Ohel Yitzchak (after its founder,Rabbi Yitzchak Hakohen, a pupil of the Maharshal), and here he attended the shiurim of the gaon Rabbi Yechezkel Meir. Here, too, he found a veritable treasure of a library of the yeshivah books, and he spent weeks delving into them, to his endless delight.

Naturally, Zecharya Yerucham decided to visit Nemerov, his hometown, and the scene of the awful massacre of his people by Chmelnitzki's bandits, from whom he had fled in terror as a child, ten years previously.

Sole Survivor Returns to the Scene of the Massacre

The nearer he came to Nemerov, the more he learned about the terrible things that had happened in this town of slaughter.
When he finally reached Nemerov, he found the place still in ruins.

Here he learned more details about his family who were murdered. From Nemerov, Zecharya Yerucham went on to the village where the colony of the Doves used to be. Here he found the only Jewish family who lived there.

The family of the old miller, Mendel. He was one of three Jews whom the villagers had managed to hide and rescue, but the other two had long since left, and only Mendel now remained to tell his tale:

The "Old Saint" Who Was Revered by Non-Jews

The miller took Zecharya Yerucham around and showed him the houses where the colonists used to live, especially pointing out the house of the "old saint," the name which the peasants had given to the founder of the colony, Zecharya Yerucham, after whom the iluy of Nemerov was called.

These houses were already old and tumbledown, and other people now lived in them. Only the house of the old saint remained empty.

It was a white washed house with a big garden.

The villagers still talked with awe about the old Zecharya Yerucham, saying that when he lived in the village, no mother,woman or beast, lost her young!


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