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This World Spotlight was created on Mar 9, 2016 @ 11:12:08 am

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Healing Who is Right?

Who is Right.jpg

Who Is Right?


One of the more frustrating questions I face is; which study is right? I have in the past taken a health supplement for several years before reading the “latest study” that showed that supplement caused pancreas cancer! (G-d forbid) Obviously, I stopped taking that supplement and took a different one…or should I take that one either? How do you know which study to listen to?

Perhaps the loudest medical argument today is about the flu vaccination; should you take it, or…, “Are you out of your mind? That vaccination has been proven to cause everything from birth defects to terminal stupidity.” It seems this is one of the most emotional arguments in the health field today.

Winter came and the question came up. I did not know who to listen to. In the morning at the Kotel I spoke with a couple of American friends about the shot. They were adamant. “No way!” Now these are two up-to-date intelligent religious guys. One of them runs a yeshiva.
I walked over and asked a well-known retired medical doctor I know; “Of course you should take it!”
I went back to the friends and told him what the doctor said. “No way! It’s dangerous.”

I went that day and took the flu shot.

A couple of days later I saw that one of the friends I spoke with did not show up for the morning davening. Not the next day either... nor the third. I thought he was on a trip. I walked over and asked the other friend who was there.

“He’s home horribly sick in bed…every bone in his body aches! Sounds like the flu to me.”

Looks like Hashem answered my question very clearly.



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