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This World Spotlight was created on Dec 17, 2015 @ 01:42:32 am

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Rights Stand with Ceresav to Sign the Acid Violence (Toxic Chemicals Prohibition and Control) Bill in to law in 2015


Urge President Museveni of Uganda to pass the acid attack bill by the end of 2015!

We, the Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and Burns Violence (CERESAV), call on Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta to sign the Acid Violence (Toxic Chemicals Prohibition and Control) Bill in to law in 2015!

Acid violence refers to the premeditated act of throwing corrosive acid on a person’s face and body with the intent to disfigure, torture, or kill. In these vicious attacks, the acid melts the flesh, sometimes to the bone, and causes lifelong scarring, physical disfigurement, and in many cases, permanent disability including blindness and immobility. In the words of one Ugandan survivor, “After the attack my only prayer was to die. The pain was too much for me to handle. Whenever I could look at my body, many questions could come into my mind like, ‘Why was I born?’ and ‘Why me among all?’ When my case was reported, I was so disappointed to hear the police officers telling me that I should let the perpetrator go because in the Ugandan constitution there is no law against acid attack. This just increased on the pain, that I had to see someone who did this to me walking freely because of the weak laws.”
Acid violence is on the rise in Uganda. Estimates suggest that over 400 acid attack survivors live in the capital city of Kampala alone. Other countries that have high rates of acid violence such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia, and India have passed legislation regulating the sale of acid and lengthening prison times for perpetrators. These types of legislation have significantly reduced the number of attacks. It is time that Uganda does the same!
The Toxic Chemicals Bill is an important first step. If signed into law, perpetrators of acid attacks could face up to life imprisonment. The next step is to call on the Ugandan government to follow the example of other countries and pass legislation that is specific to acid violence and that mandates free medical care and legal aid to survivors, licensing of acid vendors, and the penalization of those who aid and abet in acid violence.

Join CERESAV and the survivors we serve in calling on H.E. President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta to sign the Toxic Chemicals Bill in to law! Share your voice and let him know that not only Uganda, but the international community is calling on him to take this important first step in fighting acid violence in Uganda.

Letter to
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta
Urge President Museveni of Uganda to pass the acid attack bill by the end of 2015!



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