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This World Spotlight was created on Dec 15, 2015 @ 10:51:40 pm

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Healing Dr. Steven Phillipson


Dr. Steven Phillipson is someone who I found when his website was listed amongst a few others as resources for OCD information in a handout passed around in a group OCD meeting I attended. His website is http://www.ocdonline.com and truly is a fantastic resource for OCD in general as well something that has been particularly helpful for me, which he refers to as "Pure-O" or the Pure Obsessional thinker. The term Pure-O is not universally accepted by all those in the field of OCD treatment, however it truly is an issue of semantics. The pure obsessional thinker is someone who's compulsions are cognitive and therefore not overtly shown to the outside world too much at all. OCD is most commonly shown in the media in it's overt physical manifestations with obsessions usually dealing with contamination. This is, most likely, simply because it's the easiest to show what is happening ; however they so often do not explain what the process is in the person's mind. OCD, no matter it's manifestation centers around doubt, and uncertainty, and the power of suggestion, of possibility, it's a creative mind's ability to delve into the question "what if" and to terrify oneself with the vividness of his/her imagination. I am spotlighting Dr. Phillipson and his website as a great resource for OCD information and consultation; Dr/ Phillipson will do Skype appointments as far as I understand!

Below is a Vimeo link to a presentation Dr. Phillipson gave in 1991 regarding Pure-O, OCD in general, and other matters


here it is on Youtube as well starting with Part 1

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