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This World Spotlight was created on Oct 27, 2015 @ 06:18:15 am

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"Live with all your heart and live for your dreams. Be a blessing to the world". Andy's message to the graduating class of 2016. This spotlight today is dedicated to them. Please see second video.

Jun 19, 2016 @ 10:06am

Andy, Thank you for making your contribution for so many years for social justice and change as well as for your goal to inspire so many people, the mainstream of our country and nation and those around the world who live average and ordinary lives and may not be able to be privileged to sit in roles of power, who want to stand and unite together (with our true just and righteous Global Leaders) for a more compassionate and humane world without corruption and violence and wars, people who have also sent their children, sons and daughters, overseas to fight for the freedom and rights of a great nation but who have also had to bear the horrible pain any parent should never have to face of losing those who they brought into this world and cared for and raised with love to young adults. Why can we not see as a Global Human Society with all common needs and aspirations to live only good healthy and peaceful lives, bringing up future generations, that we must stop senseless and barbaric fighting. Hatred and cruelty is not the answer. Tolerance and acceptance of diversity and all peoples beliefs and backgrounds is. The only thing we should not accept as a Global Society is hatred, bigotry and violence but rather be committed to living in Peace with one another. Thank you for joining our Social Healing Platform of Blupela.com, The One World Blue Network and Social Network for Social and Planetary Change. Together we can stand for moderation and tolerance of all decent people and stand up against and fight Extremism, Radicalism, and Corruption wherever it is to be found. In our own nations or anywhere around the world. G-d bless and protect you to keep spreading your message to the world. We also stand now with our fellow Global Citizens in France and around the world to not only speak out against terrorism and its barbaric and cowardly injustice but to actively seek out all measures and precautions to prevent it and bring to justice any perpetrators who act accordingly. May Heaven bring peace upon this world and may we realize we are an active and responsible part in creating that Peace. With my Sincere Prayers for our Holy Planet, Joel Pirchesky, Founder and CEO of One World Blue, LLC and Blupela.com

Nov 19, 2015 @ 05:34am

Hello Andy my name is Gary Lindner director of planet sanctuary. I want to thank you for fighting for the truth! Blupela strong

Nov 17, 2015 @ 11:04am

Great attitude!!

Nov 15, 2015 @ 10:29pm

Save the world with Andy!

Nov 12, 2015 @ 10:14am

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Music Stop the Madness

AG is Back.jpg
I see a world controlled by greed...
Large corporations, privately owned nations,

Poisoning our air, our soil, our seas,

Poisoning our food, our seed,

Imprisoning protesters, animals, minds

And Dragging The World Into War

My 1979 song Ten More Gallons talks about America dragged into war in "Iraq, ..., Afghanistan." I am still singing that song. My 1981 recording OIL, which played on radio stations in ten states in the U.S., talks about the frustration of seeing big industry throwing our world into the toilet. Here's a record jacket from 1981:Old Record Jacket - resize.jpg
I went through a big change in the 90's. I realized that it is not about "us" versus "them"; it's about "us." "We" are free; free to figure out how much we personally contribute to the problems. Are we going to shut our mouths and follow the program or are we going to find a way to live without them? Are we going to shout and speak and teach about what it will take for mankind to survive?

I'm not thinking about national revolution; revolutions are pointless. The same greedy people just rise to the top in the guise of some new ideology. I'm talking about the whole world of "us", banding together in our common cause. I'm talking about a global acknowledgement of the insanity, the greed, of man. We've got to reach out to one another, because nothing else can save us.

Below you'll find two of my videos. One is a recent version of my song Ten More Gallons. The other is a song that I wrote when my daughter Sarah graduated from college. I hope that you enjoy them.

Ten More Gallons

I'll Be There

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