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This World Spotlight was created on Apr 30, 2020 @ 02:08:45 pm

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Music Static in the Attic



19748719_1514872205200393_113225152619502850_n.jpgStatic in the Attic.jpg

Static in the Attic is a blues/rock power trio rooted in Carbondale, PA, that channels vibes from each other’s old-school and modern style influences of multiple rockin’ genres. The band’s origins date back to 2010, and they have since progressed to playing alongside touring acts such as Big D & The Kids Table, The Flatliners, and Badfish.


Static has also performed at multiple popular venues such as the 45th Anniversary Woodstock Reunion, and in 2014, released their first album “On The Street”, including a rendition of the Hendrix classic “Hey Joe”, along with two music videos. You don’t want to miss it, so come dig the funky riffs and bluesy grooves and feel the Static!


Static in the Attic is dedicated to delivering a unique live experience to every performance with blistering guitar leads, blues-driven grooves, funk-infested breakdowns, and eclectic improvisations, Static brings to the table a dynamic musical experience that has kept listeners captivated since 2010.



Static In The Attic -

On Social Media



Twitch TV

You Tube

Booking Info

Contact: staticintheatticband@gmail.com

Direct (570) 281 2121



One World Blue Media Review of Static in the Attic

"The name of the band is "Static in the Attic" - an interesting story in itself ; yet what is far more interesting is the band itself and its rock solid sound. An improvisational gumbo of many influences, the three piece can echo Joe Walsh and Gary Clark Jr., Duane Allman - all while remaining completely original."


"Consider yourself lucky to catch a "Static in the Attic" show; each is so unique that no two are the same. The improv interplay between lead guitarist Jesie Mower, bassist Tom Murray and drummer Jules Borosky provides an ever changing Blues, Jazz and Rock landscape that is intoxicating. To be a member of the audience that witnesses such creativity is to be privileged indeed. Every show is a unique experience and the static clears."


"Static In The Attic's third album - "Shake Your Monkey Maker" will be available online soon. The name of the album will become clear with every beat of Jules' bass drum (don't ask, just watch the groove)."


"If you are a fan of improvisational blues-rock from an incredibly tight trio, do yourself a favor and catch this Pennsylvania-based band when and wherever you can - to keep it close, be sure and check out their new release. To be sure, it will release your static in the attic and provide a fine line of inspired music."




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