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This World Spotlight was created on Feb 20, 2020 @ 05:32:44 am

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Healing Chanie Messinger




Mindfulness Certificated

Speaker/Teacher/Therapist to help empower and inspire Self-development and self-growth for all ages.

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About Chanie

“I feel that anyone can be called a teacher. To truly be a teacher, it takes passion, dedication, and devotion to be transformative. As a mindfulness meditation teacher and a college professor, I care about my student’s learning and understanding of the course material. I want my students to feel motivated, encouraged, and empowered to promote change in the world through thinking, learning, reading, questioning, and researching. I want my students to be able to cultivate their meaning for the material as it relates to their individual experiences.”


Chanies’ future aspirations are to teach and/or inspire groups of the broad audience all over the world in an interactive, motivated, and self-encouraging matter. She has designed creative and out of the box published programs. These programs will expand all over the world.


Life Coaching

The change starts with you

Learn how to step into your power, learn how to cultivate braveness, learn how to cultivate courageness to achieve beyond your wildness dreams. Learn how to step into the unknown and be fearless. Learn how to embody trust within your own innate knowing that is there all along.


Present Moment

It can be neat to hike up a mountain super fast or hike up a mountain super slow. It can also be neat to hike up a mountain at an in between pace. When hiking do it at a pace that sparks your soul. Taking time to slow down to stop or even sit for a few minutes can be a great way to further cultivate being in the present moment.


Feel It!

It’s in your hands to uses emotions as way to empower yourself as a way to growth. Rather then get stuck in a feeling which we may have the tendency to do which can create dis-empowerment.

Occupational Consultation/Evaluation

An Occupational Therapy evaluation will include an assessment of the following areas: developmental history, an interview with parents or caregivers, assessment and observations directly with the child, and finally a comprehensive report that summarizes the information gathered.

Testimonial by Dr Shefali

"Chanie has transformed her life in ways only the truly brave and courageous can. Learning from her, one can tap inside themselves for their greatest self-discovery and freedom as well.”


Developmental delays are common in children or childhood and can be treated with early detection. Seeking help in the stages of child develop will help reduce anxiety and ensure that children receive the appropriate services. I provide evaluations for children to access all areas of occupational performance(sensory systems, reflexes, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and visual perception skills) . I create an intervention plan that identify strengths and areas of need and develop tailored client-centered intervention plan.

Create Your Own Style

Throughout our lives we takes step forward and we take step backwards towards reaching our goals. Each and every step whether forwards or backwards provides us with the opportunity to learn from. It’s all about the process working toward something. Whether you meet the goal is irrelevant. It’s more about the learning and the growing that takes place. Sometimes all you need to do is take that leap and trust that you will have the support. Like jumping off a 20 foot cliff while wearing cords!!



Teletherapy allows busy professionals and parents with limited time to connect with a therapist at their convenience. Teletherapy can be implemented in your own private space and allows you to feel comfortable connecting with an occupational therapist in your own home. It offers the child to receive support related to occupational performance in the school, home and play setting. It’s cost effective. As well as It’s fun, and interactive. Teletherapy is time efficient by eliminating commutes and waiting lists via the use of simple technology known as Zoom.

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☎ 1-347-571-3326

Chanie's email:


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