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This World Spotlight was created on Jan 30, 2020 @ 06:45:26 pm

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Music A Tribute to Blue Miller


Our Tribute to Blue Miller


We lost a dear Brother recently who is well known among the music community here in Nashville, Blue Miller.

He is known for his Work with Bob Seger and Dave Gibson of The Gibson Miller Band and countless Others. His Influence is Evident in Our Lives.

Blue Inspired us Back in 72 and Before when he fronted his own band, Julia Blue.

Blue Miller you will Live in our Hearts and in Your Music. What are you waiting for? is a Hit Song that tears our Heart about Breaking Up.

Blue we are waiting for that Day when All of Your Friends will be Together again in That Big House in the Sky!!

One World Blue Thanks You Blue Miller and I Thank You and Will Always Miss You:

Alan Blade




Blue Miller’s astrological sign is Cancer. Cancer’s are homebodies. He is the exact opposite, and that opposite is as apparent as the difference between his singing and speaking voice. Find him out on the road….find him in the studio….but home? That’s where he sleeps…sometimes. He’s a down to earth “good guy”, a little bit shy, yes …. and a gentle soul.


It’s hard to believe that throaty, raspy almost hurtful sound is him and harder to believe after you’ve seen him perform, that the soft-spoken person is one and the same. His singing and playing rip from his insides to show and tell the world, “this is what I am…this is who I am”.


Blue’s dad gave him a guitar at age six and he listened to pop radio, Motown records, and old time Rock’n’Roll, putting in hours of playing every day, trying to mimic what he’d heard, while his friends taunted him with baseball, football, basketball and later cruising for babes.


While his buds were “scoring”, he scored music as he studied music theory, ear training and classical guitar at Wayne State. The Detroit music scene was happening. Detroit was home, and while he was definitely influenced, he soon developed a style all his own….black and white and every shade of blue.


A band fronted by Blue had to be and was….. went through some name and member changes, and eventually became known as Julia. Julia caught the ears of Ann Marston, retired world archery champion and Miss Michigan. She became their manager and with her influence, she led them to three single releases with chart success. Julia was signed to a management/recording deal (not too shabby for a first band) and, when they were asked to tour and record with Blue’s hero, his parents, Shirley & Bill, had to sign a permission slip…. Blue was still in school.


Look for him on the Capitol Records single release, “Lookin’ Back”, and the “Back In 72” & “Bob Seger Seven” LP’s on Palladium/Reprise Records. But don’t expect to find the name Blue Miller there. Look instead for Bill Mueller.


Read on……….he had rave reviews from England’s “Melody Maker” magazine touting his fabulous guitar work on Seger’s albums, but he was also a singer and writer, and he ached for the spotlight to showcase his own music.


He left the folds of his hero. Julia disbanded, scattered, and Bill went on his solo way. (It wasn’t too long after this that the name Blue Miller was penned for the first time.)

Check Out Blue Miller's Resume


Listen To More Of Blue Miller's Music

Blue Miller.png


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