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This World Spotlight was created on Nov 22, 2019 @ 03:08:30 am

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Interviewing Dr. Lawrence was a true experience in the best sense of the phrase; I added to my knowledge of Self-Care, Alternative Care and where patterns of lack of care are born.

May 15, 2020 @ 12:53pm

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"The Quest, the Ready Servant & Wexford Wellness Center"

by Ira Caplan, for One World Blue

Come join me upon a Mighty Quest, an Odyssey rarely taken and oft misunderstood. It is, perhaps, the Greatest Quest...of landscapes intricate and immense, and storms great and terrible. And you will be triumphant.

What of the rewards?

You will attain, perhaps, the greatest Reward, that of your own Well-Being - the “Lost Treasure” lying unseen in the chasm 'twixt the Oases of Alternative medicine and our very own US Health Care System in the 21st century.

Fear not the demons and dragons that await you - these are but the Allure of Convenience and the Obfuscation of Truth. And no one can vanquish these but you.

My Quest carried me recently to the shores of Wexford Wellness Center and one Dr. Tom Lawrence, a Chiropractor, Health Care Practitioner, Radio Host, Husband, Father and Consultant. Some might see Dr. Lawrence as the heroic "Conan the Barbarian" of Health care, though his warm quick greeting and academic insight into the virtues of Emergency Medicine cast him more Wizard or Wiseman than Warrior. At least where his patients allow....

Dr. Lawrence serves many upon the Quest; far from calm or understated, he is candid in sharing from his range of modalities, treatment experience and honest biases from 30+ years of Wellness practice. Our American Society, in his view, is sleeping unaware through a semi-crisis - what we call a "Health Care" system is really a "Sickness Management System". He explains:

Medical practitioners can give each patient's digestive, immune and metabolic systems only limited attention, regard and support - most patients call in crisis to those trained ultimately for emergency medicine and crises management only. What range of patients or doctors actually take the time to cultivate long-range regimens of nutrition, exercise, sleep, relationship building and other necessary daily practices of optimum health?

He packs the details into our roughly 60 minute talk the way the Center packs the diverse selections of herbs, supplements, oils, creams and lotions lining the shelving and walls. Like his workspace, his ideas are strong yet user-friendly. Out in the Center, neatly hand written labels on light blue post-its stand guard in rows and heights, with specific and sometimes jarring applications...for the intestines, the nasal cavities, the skin. It's vivid, complex, disquieting...the products may "speak" to you about what is and is not going well in your body or what my father often called "...the ready servant" of our Will, doing "with ease and plea-sure all the work that, as a mechanism, it is capable of"
[Huxley, Liberal Education, 1868].

As Dr. Lawrence’s outlines true Healthy living, I am reminded of all that I do and do not know about my "ready servant". Ideals of the hospital system forged in childhood are sorely tempered by the realities of hard-won Wellness - lessons our family achieved across years of high monthly insurance bills, annual deductibles, evasive medical professionals and abundant drama. Yes, the system is there when something goes awry and it has its moments; yet within our daily cultivations of long, healthy, happy, successful and meaningful lives, its would-be authority and guidance are all but absent.

To my surprise, Dr. Lawrence returns to extolling Emergency Medicine - life saving devices, practices and procedures that a century ago were scarce to be found. As some of modernity's greatest triumphs, these he is quick to praise, along with its practitioners, working as they do in tight spaces under formidable pressures. Still, the large majority of Americans face the Quest - the journey to actual Well-Being. And as on any Quest, the uncertainties loom large: who can guide, fund, supervise and fulfill Health Care rooted in a private party monetary system, governed largely by Pharmaceutical Investment, Network Insurance and the American Medical Association? Historically, the AMA's role is authenticating Emergency Medicine only. And we the patients? We are long accustomed to pre-paid, third party reimbursements; we scoff or balk at paying out of pocket as we do for food, clothing, fuel, entertainment and other essentials - even for our top priority...Our Health.

The Center aesthetics provide some relief. Well-lit and designed, spacious, and comfortable, its nucleus is Dr. Lawrence in his office, drinking what looks like a vegetable protein blend to wash down his daily selection of close at hand natural supplements. His eyes and voice are steady yet piercing, his presence and posture, grounded, athletic, conscious. The sun is close to setting, though he looks as if the day has just begun. He has little patience for pleasantries - he is much too active within the magnitude of helping recover and celebrate a healthy America - however much any one can. And here may be the crux of our Quest:

Where and how we regain command of our current Well-Being or lack thereof, and improve it while balancing its costs, discipline, physical and mental stamina and other rigors is the ultimate ״Hard Sell”. Our guidance and support must be found somewhere...if not at our hospitals, perhaps here, amidst the bottles and shelves and sophisticated anatomy charts forming the nervous system of the Wexford Wellness Center.

"We are hard wired to survive," says Dr. Lawrence. "From the moment we are conceived, our bodies are determined to do just this, our natural systems developing cellularly in accordance with the individual purpose of each organ." The kidneys, the liver, the digestive system, the heart. "When we sleep at night, the body is working to repair and restore these systems,”. How can it if overloaded w processed sugars, bleached flours and echoes of the Internet? And Children? "Children's temperatures run higher," he points out, "because their bodies are changing, growing and producing far more than ours each day."

I pause to think how their systems may respond to this daily exposure of synthetic stimuli.

Our interview has barely begun before it is time to race back to Pittsburgh against the setting sun. My Quest will continue another day, with now a new ally, new power and new responsibility. Dr. Lawrence assures me this power is mine; he has no easy, formulated, pre-packaged answers. For these I have our Hospitals, filled with interesting machinery designed by E.M. formula and minds trained to match.

Here, though, each patient is unique, as are the nature, timing and potential of their visit. One thing is certain, America needs deeper, richer, more versatile answers of Well-Being than those pouring out from the Medical Centers. Maybe they too are on the Quest and will look to us, their patients, for guidance, as the Well-Being we all seek is truly within, asking that we calm the din of perceived crisis, begin to truly hear...

And respond.

Ira Caplan is a Songwriter, Cantor, Environmental Mining and Metals Firm Sales Lead and Team Member at One World Blue LLC.



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2009 Mackenzie Way

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Toll-Free Telephone: 855 326-8449
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