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This World Spotlight was created on Oct 25, 2019 @ 12:03:44 am

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Music Ira Caplan


Songwriter, Guitarist & Vocal Jammer, Cantor and Producer

Ira at the Dome Rock.jpg

Ira began earning his way through college (and life) playing the bar, cafe and club scene and private parties at Penn State’s main University Park, PA campus. His first international break came while studying abroad at Manchester, UK's rare find “The Flea & Firkin”, a huge converted movie theater now popular pub. Ira had a crowd of 300 or more each night, stomping and singing along to his crossovers from iconic US and UK bands and artists - and his originals made a perfect match!


By luck, Hollywood Reporter’s European Bureau Chief at that time Richard Zahradnik caught one of the London performances at Sister Pub “The Flounder & Firkin”, likening Ira's writing and performance to those of Billy Joel, declaring “…he is young, and he is fire...” (from Ira's own "The Late Great Rebellion”).

“Someone in the Record Industry will get a winner when they sign Ira”.

Ira Enjoying Site.jpg

Within a few months, Ira’s first 8 originals "Father’s Day" were tracked in a nearby studio and a few months later, Ira was at Germantown Studios, NY, with Van Morrison and Natalie Merchant’s master guitarist John Platania producing 4 of the 8, with Platania on Guitar, John Regan (Peter Frampton) on Bass and Gary Burke (Joe Jackson) on Drums.

KernTurnIra1 (1).jpg

They would tease Ira with nicknames like “Old Man Caplan” for his uncanny lyrical maturity and playful boyish spirit, then tell him his strengths lyrically, melodically and vocally, THEN tell him where he needed to grow.

KernIraPortal1_ (1).jpg

Their world-class musician mentoring stays with him through this day, along with Platania’s resonant praise of “…Rebellion” and “Sacred City”, a song Ira penned between sessions and brought to Platania for his "gentle thunder" critique.

KernRootsRoyalPoise_ (1).jpg


This was the dawn of the internet; Ira’s Uncle prompted him to the copyright advantages of one’s own music label and G of A (based on Ira’s song and later album “Ghost of Apollo”) was born. Ira had just driven cross country with college friends Rob Fox and Kevin Rolly, who would later produce this vintage "Rebellion" music video.

While Rob [Paramount, Fox, AETN/History Channel, et al.] and Kevin (www.kevissimo.com) started their careers in LA, Ira was drawn back to the enchantment of the Superstition Mountains & Fountain Hills, AZ where he wrote “Follow Love”, “Lady of Fire” and the other new tier tracks which would complete "Ghost of Apollo” with Producer and co-Arranger Leo LaBranche (Marshall Tucker Band).

This led to Ira’s first tour through the Southern US to Orlando, up the Coast to Pittsburgh and back through Chicago, where Ira’s musical fire caught hold in “Behind the Shadows”. And soon enough Ira rejoined his gifted buds out west where Rob produced the “Shelter from the Wind” music video in Pasadena, CA in just days.

"Shelter from the Wind"

Video by Rob Fox [Paramount, Lifetime/AETN/History, et al.]

Since Ira's 2003 arrival in LA, his live performance, media, sessions venues and credits now include a triple platinum music composer and director, an Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning TV writer and producer, Maui Radio, Israel Radio, Costa Rica, clubs across the continental US, cruises to Alaska and the Caribbean, in Cantorial ensemble at the Tel Aviv Opera House and in Sam Glaser’s Kol Sason, a cappella group, now Pella. He has toured also with Violinist Lior Kaminetsky and appeared with Moshav Band and Rebbe Soul, among many other gifted artists and personalities.

Ira's Jerusalem track “Warriors of Promise ” co-produced in Jerusalem with Bradley Fish [Sony, Sound Hatchery Studio] holds an entirely new style of lyrical and dimensional music which Ira now charts when he is on hiatus from leading services at many fine synagogues throughout the US, Israel and other havens overseas.

"Warriors of Promise", IDF inspired and soundtrack for "Volunteer Jerusalem" by Filmmaker Jonathan Amerikaner

During the resurgence leading up to the Steelers' sensational Super Bowl XLIII Victory, homeboy Caplan wrote, recorded and performed "Steel on the Rise" on both coasts with his LA writing partner, Bob Ryman.


An accomplished liaison, Caplan displays an acumen for syncing with artists, producers, and Fortune 500 execs, green HRM and team building. His music carries themes of earthly awareness, heavenly pursuits, communion with the Divine and civilizational truths.
Ira Caplan: Tribute to Shlomo Carlebach, Happy Minyan L.A.

Live interview & Performance with Singer-Songwriter Ira Caplan, 5/9/201
Arutz Sheva.jpg
Ira Caplan's Ode to Gilad Shalit: Singer-Songwriter Ira Caplan talks about his adventures in Israel and his ballad for kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in this live performance and interview.

Playin' At Sea SoundCloud.jpg

[Catch Ira's music, photography and writing adventures!]



Behind the Shadows

Rob also produced this Late Great Rebellion video with LA Photography Kevin Rolly for "the Young Patriots".

Interview and Editorial Review by Baila Pirchesky - Chief Editor of Blupela.com The One World Blue Network


"Since a very young age Ira Caplan has been inspired and interested in music and he started playing guitar at the age of 14. In his career as a musician, Ira has written and performed many of his own songs and he has had the accomplishment and success to produce seven albums.
Caplan’s most recent album was produced in 2014 entitled Steel on the Rise. He says he has strong desires to get back to the studio and create his next venture. In Ira’s career he has had the fortune to sing before hundreds of people and yet he also has the special capacity to perform even in the most intimate settings and keep his audience captivated.
Please help us welcome Ira Caplan to the One World Blue Community. Ira is a hidden treasure that has such Spirit and Talent which I am sure you will want to hear again and again and look for more of his melodies to Lift your Soul and Spirit.
Some of Caplan’s favorite musicians and influence he has drawn upon from a young age are Bob Dylan, Peter Himmelman, Peter Gabriel, Simon and Garfunkel, Jim Croce and Cat Stevens. Ira’s sound and style, he has created for his own is earthy, deep and spiritual in my estimation.
Two of the songs he performed for us at the interview were “Father’s Day” and the powerful 9/11 tribute “Holding Out for G-d”, utmost important in our day and age for our country and the world at large. It has the power to awaken our brothers and sisters around the world and inspire them to be a part of making changes we need for the healing of our Planet.

"I was deeply and heavenly moved by his sound and his lyrics. Conservation and Ecological Solutions to our Earth are deep at Ira’s heart."

"If you have not heard his music yet you need to check out this incredible artist who has brought his gifts to the world. We are honored and excited to be working with him here at One World Blue and we are excited about his continued future as an accomplished songwriter and musician! Please help us spread his pure messages to the world. G-d Bless!!"

Thank you for listening...

See you at a future show!


Check out and Order Ira's Music on CDBaby

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