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This World Spotlight was created on May 30, 2019 @ 06:21:02 pm

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Healing Surgicorps International



If I tried to add up the number of miles they've traveled or the thousands of faces and hands and bodies they've repaired... I'd be sitting at my computer all day. What Surgicorps International does that takes its volunteers all around the world more than a half dozen times every year is truly beyond measurement. After all... how can one quantify the value of a dream coming true?


At some point in each of our lives, we look in the mirror and say to the image looking back at us, "What will it take to make you TRULY happy?" And for the volunteers whose reflection says "To change other peoples' lives forever...." a door opens to this most magical place that most of us know nothing about.


Surgicorps is, to put it simply, a life-changing mission of mercy. It is a group of medical and non-medical professionals dedicated to the ultimate in Paying It Forward. In Giving Back. In Helping the Next Guy. These special men and women trade summer vacations in warm climates with family and friends for trips to destinations unknown. To faraway lands of unspeakable danger to change the face of a toddler or the future of a teen. To make a difference. And to do so on their own dime. On their own time. And to donate virtually every single personal belonging they take with them to villagers who have never seen such a bounty.


I don't know where your path opens up ahead or how the road you're traveling will twist and turn. Perhaps it will lead your heart on a life-changing adventure to help people you don't know and who you'll no doubt never see again. Maybe it won't. But I will tell you THIS. Just being around the love and kindness and goodness of Surgicorps International is enough to rekindle in even the coldest heart the warmth and joy that comes when you help someone else with absolutely no expectation of reward.


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