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This World Spotlight was created on Mar 31, 2019 @ 02:01:53 pm

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Earth Nemacolin



It’s probably easier for us to explain what Nemacolin Woodlands Resort doesn’t offer. “We don’t have the ocean. But, we’re working on it,” remarked Joseph Hardy, founder of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort at a recent presentation at the Falling Rock Hotel. He’s right. One of the greatest international resorts in existence is certainly brimming with amenities. It has a Five Star rating and includes what has already been named “Best Hotel in Pennsylvania,” by Business Insider for 2015. To further guild the lily, the club has recently undergone more than $30 Million in renovations, improvements, and enhancements of new and existing attractions to appeal to guests from all walks of life.

One of the nation’s highest-ranked golf courses, five-star restaurants, and five diamond hotels now has a bit more company. If guests had anything to want for previously, their demands now are certainly being met. Maggie Hardy Magerko, owner and operator of the resort is seeing to it that Nemacolin’s reputation for magnificence doesn’t just resonate locally, but on an international scale.

Nemacolin offers the best in golfing, fine dining, nightlife, and leisure. The Laurel Highlands are now home to the lap of luxury. The 2,000-acre resort boasts majestic vistas, unparalleled art collections, museums, even a zoo… But the ever increasing standards of the Hardy family have driven even the most elegant of resorts to ever-escalating heights.
The property-wide improvements are the largest expansion in the resort’s history. New amenities have been added, guest rooms have been renovated ($1 Million went to improve the presidential suite, alone), and meeting spaces for conferences have been completely revamped.


Recently added amenities include a Holistic Healing Center where guests can engage in organic wellness programs while at Nemacolin. Acupuncture, holistic massage, meditation, Reiki and more are incorporated seamlessly into daily routines so guests can leave feeling not only refreshed, but also healed.

In golf news, recent adjustments to what was already ranked Number 5 of the top 100 golf resorts by Reader’s Choice has taken this club to a whole other level. Even more expansion is on the horizon as the legendary, Pete Dye has commissioned work on a ninehole expansion of Nemacolin’s Mystic Rock golf course, which has been consistently named one of America’s top 100 courses by Golfweek and Golf Digest.


Another notable renovator is the late architect Michael Graves whose design team has worked tirelessly to draft plans for new properties to be built at Nemacolin grounds in the next year or so. Exquisite duplexes will soon dot the landscape bringing more folks into the Nemacolin family.

The resort has been home to US Presidents, entertainers, jet-setters, and multi-national businesses but is also a welcome space for the public. “We want everyone to come here,” Mr. Hardy told us. Whether you enjoy the lifestyles of the rich and famous, or you just love the great outdoors, most anyone’s palette for adventure can be satiated by the grandeur that is Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.



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